Frameless Glass Laminating Made Easy

We have a pretty good handle on glass laminating. We should, as we have been doing it long enough. Because we have completed a wide variety of glass laminating projects over the years, we have the depth and breadth to articulate your design concept and make your project happen. The envelope is big. Depending on… Read more »

JIT Installed New Glass Polishing Equipment

We finished the set-up on our new Neptun Rock 8 Edge Polisher. New machines, like the Neptun Rock 8 Edge Polisher,  always draw a crowd back in the shop, especially when the final tweaking is happening and pieces are being tested. We enjoy this process a lot. In one pass, we can do a high… Read more »

JIT Companies Purchases Midwest Metal Finishing

We are proud to announce the addition of Midwest Metal Finishing to the family of JIT Companies. At JIT, we have had our specialty metal finishing done by Midwest Metal Finishing (MMF), a local metal finishing company, for many years. When the former owner, Don, announced his pending retirement, we were concerned about losing our… Read more »