Etching, Carving, Engraving, Milling – Which one is best to use and what are the differences?

Today’s topic revolves around using different surface finishing techniques. You will see that different terminology is often used by some, even when you might be discussing the same process. This can get to be quite confusing when things like paint filling get thrown into the mix so let’s discuss the processes and difference between etching,… Read more »

Mixing Metal, Stone & Memories – Funerary Art with Timeless Columbaria

JIT Companies is often provided opportunities to partner with our clients on custom projects and this one is no exception. Our friends from Timeless Columbaria, located in Pella Iowa, are designers of exquisite free-standing memorial columbaria styles. Columbaria are structures that are considered funerary art, that contain storage of funerary urns, holding cremated remains of the… Read more »