Looking for a New Waterjet Cutter?

Have you ever been left high and dry by your present waterjet cutter on an important project? You know, the project that everyone is depending on you to do your part at the last minute without any delays? We’ve all been there and nothing is worse than having to scramble at the eleventh hour to… Read more »

Unlimited Uses for Laminated Glass

Most people might think that all laminated glass is created equal but you would be wrong. Depending on how the glass is being utilized in a project there are going to be endless options to consider. From an artist’s standpoint, you might be looking to protect artwork between the glasses, whether it is fabric, paper,… Read more »

A Typical Day at JIT Companies

People who are not familiar with JIT Companies always ask us “What do we do at JIT” and our answer is always going to be different.  A typical workday for some, (like doing the same thing over and over again), would be far from a typical day at JIT.  For us, it is all about… Read more »