What is Abrasive Waterjet Cutting?

Abrasive waterjet cutting machineJIT Companies has capabilities to do two types of waterjet cutting to help you achieve the perfect finished product: Water-only water jet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting. Today we are going explain how abrasive waterjet cutting works and how JIT Companies’ capabilities outweigh any limitations.

How Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Works

Abrasive waterjet cutting enables the processing of virtually any difficult-to-cut material and has far fewer limitations as opposed to other types of CNC cutting. Material types include metal of any alloy, glass, plastics, and ceramics, to name a few.  In the abrasive waterjet cutting process, a metered amount of garnet abrasive is introduced into the water stream at the aperture.  With the pressurized water traveling at 3000 feet per second, the garnet mineral is what actually does the cutting through the process of erosion, resulting in a smooth sandblasted edge finish on the piece. With JIT’s Ultra High-Pressure CNC controlled waterjets, material thickness is far less of a problem. Material as thick as 6” is easily processed.  When multiple parts of the same configuration are needed, material can often be stacked to facilitate volume cutting. The Dynamic cutting heads automatically adjust for edge taper when cutting multiple layers to ensure consistent part geometry.  Because of the small .040″ kerf, parts can be nested tightly together in order to maximize material yield.  With JIT Companies as your project partner for your abrasive waterjet cutting, you now have a single source for all of your cutting needs.

Check out the Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine in Action!

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