Architects And Designers

For over 30 years, Architects and Designers have trusted JIT with the focal points of their designs.

Specializing in custom glass fabrication techniques including:

  • Laminated glass with designer-specified interlayers
  • Liquid laminating, combining layers of textured glass
  • Authentic sandblast etching or laminated white ink interlayer to replicate sandblast etching
  • Inlay of patterns that combine glass and dissimilar materials via various fabricating techniques, including waterjet cutting
  • Kiln-formed glass with designer-specified patterns, textures, and radii

JIT takes pride in the skillful use of waterjets as artistic tools for architectural and interior design applications. Artistic lines and intricate designs can easily be cut in hard materials such as marble, tile, stainless steel and glass in thicknesses that can’t be cut any other way. Intricate designs can also be cut in flooring and countertop materials. JIT is unique in its ability to accommodate new design concepts and can integrate seamlessly with your project plans. We communicate and coordinate with you, your contractor, sub-contractor, or installer throughout the entire project. With JIT as a partner on your project, your designs are created cost-effectively, exceeding quality expectations and meeting turn-around deadlines.

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