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A Typical Day at JIT Companies

People who are not familiar with JIT Companies always ask us “What do we do at JIT” and our answer is always going to be different.  A typical workday for some, (like doing the same thing over and over again), would be far from a typical day at JIT.  For us, it is all about… Read more »

5-Star Employees Lead to 5-Star Google Reviews

When you are searching the internet for a company to do business with, a quick look at the company’s Google reviews is going to be a big determining factor in whether you take the time to pick up the phone and have a conversation with them. Negative reviews give you an early warning of what… Read more »

It Started with Stained Glass Lamps… The JIT Story

Occasionally I’m asked how JIT Companies got its start and it causes me to reflect back to the early days when it was just a one-man show creating stained glass lamps; so here’s the abbreviated story… Starting with a Hobby of Creating Stained Glass Lamps Going way back to when I was in high school,… Read more »

Don’t forget the Aluminum Outdoor Oven!

“DON’T FORGET THE OVEN!” The last thing I thought I would ever hear is “Don’t forget the oven”, especially when you are headed on a Boundary Waters canoe trip and you need to pack light.  Now I have to admit, I love the outdoors, but my idea of camping would be the air-conditioned motor home… Read more »