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Waterjet Cutting Carpet the JIT Way

It’s a given, kids can wear things out at an astounding rate and carpeting is no exception. I know this from personal experience as we are on our third replacement at home with a little help from two kids and a dog. We might even have our carpet guy on speed dial at this point! Our… Read more »

Looking for a New Waterjet Cutter?

Have you ever been left high and dry by your present waterjet cutter on an important project? You know, the project that everyone is depending on you to do your part at the last minute without any delays? We’ve all been there and nothing is worse than having to scramble at the eleventh hour to… Read more »

JIT’s Waterjet Cutting Projects & Resources

JIT’s Waterjet Cutting service specializes in precision waterjet cutting for custom glass fabrication, one-off prototyping, mechanical parts production, and custom architectural graphics. JIT takes pride in our reputation for the production of consistent quality parts, often with short lead-times. We welcome custom waterjet cutting projects that challenge us to raise the bar of excellence, working… Read more »

Laser or Waterjet – Which is Better for my Project?

What cutting process would be best to use for your project – laser or waterjet?  When cutting metals, plastics, glass, and a multitude of other materials, you will need to consider the capability of the machine and company you choose to do business with.  When comparing plasma, laser and waterjet cutting processes you need to… Read more »