The Core Values of the JIT Team

The values at JIT Companies are both our identity and our promise that define and motivate every interaction with our customers.  For us, simply hanging belief statements on the wall isn’t sufficient. Effective values must be internalized and then intentionally practiced. We strive to practice these five core values every day because we want to be a company we are proud of.

Driven by Five Core Values

JIT Companies Core ValuesLook forward to the workday.

At JIT Companies, we have a team that truly enjoys working with each other. Each of our employees knows they are an important piece of the puzzle. For us, being at JIT is more than a “job” because we love making your vision come to life, sometimes in a way you would have never imagined!

Step up to all challenges.

We love a good challenge and working on creative solutions (in fact, we get a little bored without adequate challenge!).  We welcome your challenges (however “impossible” they may seem) and we will diligently work on creating a solution you will love.

Be confident, with modesty and humility.

We are confident in knowing that we can get the job done and done right.  But we will never take our relationships for granted or take credit for your work. We know that with every project we do, we are simply enhancing the ideas that were already created by our customers, and we are grateful for that opportunity.

Have personal integrity.

When you work with JIT Companies, you will notice a few things. In everything we do, we are working on building your trust. Our personal integrity holds us to being honest and sticking to our commitments. Whether you are a one-time customer with a small project or a large customer who has worked with us for years, we treat you with the same level of respect.

Do the right thing.

When it comes to decision-making at JIT Companies, one value is at the top of our list – do the right thing, regardless. From righting our wrongs to suggesting alternative solutions outside of JIT,  we know that doing the right thing today ultimately leads to the success of JIT, our employees, and our customers tomorrow.

In everything we do, our team is driven by these five core values.