JIT is the Clear Solution in Custom Sized Glass Lenses

Need new glass lenses? Your eye doctor is not the only place you can go to get your lenses replaced, especially when it’s not related to your eyeglasses. At JIT Companies, we specialize in making custom sized glass lenses for optical equipment, instrumentation gauges, viewing ports, light fixtures and a variety of other applications found in manufacturing. Take a look at the pictures of our many lenses projects at the bottom of this post!

A Wide Array of Glass Types & Glass Coatings

A large selection of glass types and coatings are available such as Anti-reflective for aircraft instrumentation gauges, Medical grade lead shielding glass, Ultra-thin laminated glass with colored filters and the list goes on. If you are looking for a special type of glass for your application, chances are we can provide it for you. If you already have glass that just needs to be resized, send it to JIT along with your size specifications and we will do the rest.

    • Optical equipment
    • Viewing ports
    • Light fixtures
    • Anti-reflective for aircraft instrumentation gauges
    • Medical grade lead shielding glass
    • Ultra-thin laminated glass with colored filters
    • Manufacturing application
    • and more…

Just the Right Shape & Color of Glass

Need a special shape? Our precision waterjet cutting systems can provide the exact shape and profile you are looking for. Our custom laminating capabilities enable us to assemble colored filters between glasses for those looking for the perfect color glass. When sizing is critical we can provide “Go-No-Go” fixtures to ensure each glass part fits correctly with zero defects when you receive them. Individually packed for protection, we can assure you will receive only “Perfect” parts for your application.  

The Clear Solution for Custom Glass Lenses

Experiencing long lead times and out of control pricing for your glass parts? Let JIT companies be your one stop shop for all of your glass needs. If you have questions to any of your glass problems, reach out to JIT Companies online or call us at 507.326.5240. to receive Fast Quotes, Great Pricing, Fast Service and Great Customer Care…. You’ll be glad you did!

Some of JIT’s Custom Glass Lens Projects