Life-Sized Snow Globe: “Snowed In” at Beaver Creek Wonder

life-sized snow globe - Beaver Creek Wonder - JIT CompaniesEveryone is familiar with the small snow globes that have enchanted village scenes built within, enabling you to make it snow with a gentle shake of your hand – especially around the holiday season. Maybe you even pictured yourself wanting to be a part of this pleasant scene.  Well, dream no more because now you can.  JIT Companies recently had the opportunity to work with Demiurge, a Denver based design and fabrication firm that has some of the most creative minds imaginable. Specializing in public art installations, they bring their creations to a level of ingenuity that is to be truly admired. For this project, Demiurge was commissioned to design several art installations at the beautiful Beaver Creek Ski Resort, located in the pristine mountains of Colorado. “Beaver Creek Wonder” is an artistic playground that provides oversized, photo friendly opportunities that are designed to draw families in to provide a photo worthy backdrop so memories can be captured and shared with family and friends.

CAD Drawings of the Glass & Structural Components

life-sized snow globe - JIT CompaniesThe design idea of this life-sized snow globe entitled “Snowed In”, began with precision CAD drawings of all of the glass and structural components that make up the snow globe. Without this important first step in the design process it would have been nearly impossible to ensure all of the components would fit together properly. There are a number of complicated geometries and structural design elements that needed precise calculation to ensure structural integrity for the project. The curved frame openings that allow a person to step into the globe created the need to produce a large variety of individual glass parts that needed to be precision made. Collaborating with JIT Companies via several Zoom meetings, together we were able to discuss potential glass issues and help design a system that would make assembly and adjustment of the glass elements to fit precisely together.

Preparing for the Final Installation

To make sure all of the components would fit together on site, Demiurge went so far as to fabricate a wooden structural framework that would support all of the glass during final assembly. Prior to the final installation, Demiurge router cut MDF Custom made gaskets and mounting brackets - JIT Companieswood templates that matched all of the glass parts, then assembling it in house to make sure there wouldn’t be any onsite issues. Using JIT’s waterjet and CNC glass polishing technology, 1/2” low iron glass was used for the project which was then tempered after processing. JIT also etched several densities of snow flake designs into sections of the glass surface which give the 3D illusion of falling snow when standing within the structure.

Custom Made Mounting Brackets & Rubber Gaskets

All of the glass sections are held together with Demiurge’s custom made mounting brackets and rubber gaskets that are cut into snow flake shapes and precisely break formed to exacting angles to secure the glass into position. This design is truly remarkable as the glass globe has no Snowed In - Life-Shed Glass Snowglobe - JIT Companiesstructural framework to help support the glass weight that would interfere with the original design intent of the artwork. Abby Bennett, Operations Directors at Demiurge Design pointed out, “Demiurge made custom snowflake hardware for each pane of glass. Each had a custom angle depending on the geometry of the glass next to it. They also had custom machined and welded female thread added so the face of each piece of hardware was seamless and the hardware fully hidden, along with custom snowflake shaped rubber gaskets.” In the end, the Demiurge assembly team of four made this project look spectacular. For JIT’s part, we did experience a setback when glass was damaged during transport which caused an unforeseen delay in the project. But, as with any glass project, you “Pick up the Pieces” and move forward; culminating in a true work of art and design.  

Beaver Creek Village & Other Public Works of Art from Demiurge

Beaver Creek Village is a true year round destination and the exceptional works of art produced by Demiurge Design for this enchanted mountain village make the visit even more worthwhile. For more information about Demiurge Design capabilities visit their website and see if some of their impressive installations are located near you.

JIT is Honored for Privilege to Blend Designs

It was a privilege working with Wynn Buzzell and his team at Demiurge LLC; to be a small part of the process to help bring projects like this to fruition is an exciting part of what we do at JIT Companies, “Blending your designs with our experience, innovation and technology to create custom solutions”. Next time you need assistance with a project, contact JIT Companies today at [email protected] or call us at 507-326-5240. You’ll be glad you did!

Images courtesy of Beaver Creek Resorts and Demiurge Design. Click on any photo below to enlarge for more detail.