Industrial, tool-and-die and manufacturing companies of every variation come to JIT for solutions to problems that require thinking outside the box. When JIT partners with manufacturers, both their product lines and profit margins grow! When there is absolutely no room for error, as for example, with critical manufacturing tolerances for radiation shielding glass, we proved to be the only project partner that could handle the challenge. The refined order intake process integrates so seamlessly into your production cycle that you might even view JIT as an off-site division of your company.

Waterjet Cutting and Laminated Glass Manufacturing Solutions

JIT’s waterjet cutting equipment can handle a very wide range of materials—producing almost anything from industrial letters to glass achievement awards. Merging pioneering laminated glass and waterjet cutting technologies, JIT developed a technique that takes glass trophies and awards in a striking new artistic direction. Working with project partners JIT  solves challenging problems in incredibly diversity product categories.

Cabinet Manufacturers complement their product lines with beautifully made JIT glass inserts—design ideas keep custom millwork procurement staff up on the leading trends of cabinetry innovation. JIT’s waterjet engineers and operators come up with efficient solutions for manufacturing.

Manufacturing Examples:

  • Fishing lures
  • Ice saw blades
  • Custom-themed motorcycle parts
  • Connecting rods
  • Flow plates
  • Screen cloth
  • Switch plates
  • Letters for industrial signage
  • Many other projects

No project challenge is too big or too small for us to tackle. We thrive on technical and artistic challenges and enjoy partnering with manufacturers in all areas.

Are you a manufacturer looking for a unique solution to your design?

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