Metal Finishing – A Collection of Resources

Over the years, JIT’s metal finishing capabilities, experience, and creativity have continued to evolve. In 2017, JIT Companies acquired Midwest Metal Finishing (a metal finishing company) and moved their Metal Finishing Division to Norwood Young America.  Since then, we have continued to grow, offering our customers the superior quality metal finishing and customer service that they have always expected from our team. Here is a closer look at some of our metal finishing resources and projects.

Metal Finishing Options & Expecting the Unexpected

metal surface finishing

JIT Companies can help you achieve a premium brushed finish, even with blemished stainless steel plates. Working with a nasty surface from the start is a time and labor-consuming process.  We see this issue frequently with the quality of materials that are currently available from metal suppliers. Because of this, we will be continually updating our equipment to speed the processing times and provide the quality you expect from the artisans at JIT Companies. Read this story to see how JIT can help you find solutions.

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Metal Graining 3-D Brushed Stainless Finish

Metal Finishing - Structural Stainless Steel Angles. Straight-line #4 Finish on Outside Surfaces of 3/8” Material

Metal finishing and metal graining of 3-D parts can be very difficult, especially when it’s an afterthought in the fabrication process.  Many custom parts have various shapes, bends, welds and cutouts that make up the finished part. Working around these speed bumps is a challenge that JIT steps up to on a daily basis.  Unlike flat material which can be run through an automated wide belt finishing machine, fabricated parts need to be processed by hand.  These parts are usually going to be a hi-profile, visible finished product that is going to be touched or viewed up close.  Any imperfections at this point will not be tolerated by the client and risk being rejected.  This is a position you never want to find yourself in and if you do, JIT is here to bring you across the finish line, perfecting the brushed stainless finish.

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Metal Surface Finishing Engraved Panels with Paint Fill 

JIT Companies

Most sign shops that offer engraving on special substrates have it figured out already, so let’s move on to another challenge. In this case, how do you process a large metal panel that has a ton of small and large text that will not fit the working envelope of your equipment? Or if you can do it, how do you mask it off for paint filling after it is engraved?  Many projects we work on incorporate a variety of metals such as aluminum, bronze and stainless steel and usually the metal surface is in its raw form with a mill finish. The final finished surface is sometimes an afterthought for some.

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A Nautical Metal Finishing Project – Rick Lang

When our friend, Rick Lang came to us for help, we threw him a life preserver. His beautiful landscaping project included a nautical theme stainless steel chain railing to help guide friends to his boat landing below. Thinking it would be an easy task to polish the railing posts himself, it didn’t take Rick long to decide to start looking for assistance from his favorite metal finishing company. Trying to polish the surface of a mill finish, stainless steel SCH40 pipe requires the proper equipment and Rick’s handheld jitterbug sander wasn’t cutting it; at least he didn’t want to spend the entire summer on it.  He loaded up his project and brought it to JIT and within a day we had his project back on track. We even gave the dull industrial-looking end caps a quick buff adding to the brushed stainless steel finish look of the pipes and Rick was able to complete his project for the weekend.

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Metal Finishing Terms to Understand 

straight-line metal finishing termsThere are many facets and terms that are used in the metal finishing industry. Many times a single term can have a different meaning to each individual which could possibly lead to a misunderstanding at some point in the finishing process. Being aware of the terms that your metal finisher uses will help everyone be on the same page and talk the same language. To start, JIT specializes in straight-line metal finishing. Not to be confused with an automated “time-saved finish”, JIT’s process provides a “True” linear grain direction that is produced by our “Metal Artisans”. A “time saved finish” imparts a wavy grain pattern on the metal surface during processing. Read on to learn more about JIT’s terms and finished.

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JIT Companies specializes in top quality metal finishing and straight-line finishes on aluminum, stainless steel, bronze alloys, brass alloys, sheet, plate, and shapes. Metal suppliers, fabricators, sign companies, food service equipment makers and other specialty manufacturers prefer our attention to detail and high internal standards which ensure consistent results on time and on budget. JIT’s custom metal finishing includes non-ferrous and architectural metal finishing, brushed stainless steel finish, and more.  Ready to learn more about how JIT Companies can help you with your next metal surface finishing project?  Call us at 507-326-5240 or request a quote here.