JIT Companies Thinks Big & Finds Solutions.mixed media artist - JIT Companies


Learn how we “Think Big” and find solutions, like on our recent projects with Demiurge Design, and missed media artist Allison Luedtke. Plus, we share some tips for getting the best results with an RFQ.

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Our Favorite Resources & Stories of 2021.monument - JIT Companies


See our customer stories and helpful resources from 2021 all compiled in one spot. Customer success stories about bladesmithing, Timeless Columbaria, giant trophy replicas, and more…

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Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos – FAST.

flat cut metal letters and logos for signage


Read about JIT’s capabilities with flat cut metal letters and logos, museum-quality glass for display cases, and custom rubber cutting parts with waterjet cutting.

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JIT has the Skill and Expertise.custom awards for corporate events, races and more


Learn about custom awards, knife making, a project with Timeless Columbaria, and the differences between etching, carving, engraving, and milling.

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Don’t Panic! JIT can get the Job Done.Giant MLB Replica - JIT Companies


Learn about why sheared bar stock is better than true bar, how we waterjet cut metal inlays, and what it takes to design and construct a giant replica of an MLB trophy.

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What’s in your Toolbox? (Probably not Waterjets or CNC Machinery)waterjet cutting color-changing tile


Learn about cutting carpet the JIT Way, what to look for when searching for a new waterjet cutter, and unusual waterjet projects such as waterjet cutting color-changing glass.

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Not All Waterjet Shops are the Sameunlimited uses for laminated glass

JIT Companies shares unlimited uses for laminated glass, what a typical day at JIT Companies looks like, and news about our new Timesaving Metal Finishing Machine.

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Fresh Ideas & 10 RFQ Questions to Ask your Vendors10 RFQ questions to ask your vendors

JIT Companies is all about fresh starts, new ideas, and creative opportunities! Read success stories from our customers, plus .earn about the 10 things you should ask your vendors before getting an RFQ.

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ultravue Tru Vue, laminated glass and metal finishing newsAll About Tru Vue® Laminated Glass

JIT Companies has been an Authorized Museum & Collector Supplier and Distributor for Tru Vue® Ultravue® laminated glass since 2016.  Learn more about our latest laminated glass projects and other helpful resources. Learn more glass edges, the strength of laminated glass, unique display case options, and new product offerings.

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waterjet machine, Metal Finishing Services

Your Source for Waterjet Cutting

JIT Companies’ waterjet cutting service specializes in precision waterjet cutting for custom glass fabrication, one-off prototyping, mechanical parts production, and custom architectural graphics. Learn more about both water-only waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting.

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straight-line metal finishing terms

Hunting for Metal Finishing Services?

Whatever metal surfacing service you are hunting for, JIT Companies can help you track down the ideal solution. Whether it is waterjet cutting and processing JIT supplied material, or if you already have a material you want to supply to us for metal finishing… It’s always “Open Season” at JIT Companies!

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Art Deco and New Age Industrial Metal finishingNews & Noteworthy Projects from JIT Companies

Welcome to the first e-newsletter for JIT Companies! Each quarter, we will share with you some tips for custom fabricating and getting the best results from your projects, what’s new and exciting at JIT Companies, and some of the most noteworthy projects from artists and engineers around the country that JIT has had the honor of working on. Read on and keep creating…

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