With a specialty of waterjet cutting, JIT Companies has worked on everything from biotech to motorcycles, and precision optical devices to architectural signage. We have the experience and the skills to work from simple pencil sketches to detailed blueprints.  Take a look at our wide range of custom design and fabrication capabilities.


waterjet cuttingJIT’s Waterjet Cutting service specializes in precision waterjet cutting for custom glass fabrication, one-off prototyping, mechanical parts production, and custom architectural graphics. JIT takes pride in our reputation for the production of consistent quality parts, often with short lead-times. We welcome custom waterjet cutting projects that challenge us to raise the bar of excellence, working closely with industrial designers, architectural and graphic designers, specialty contractors, project managers, and manufacturers of custom precision parts in many different materials. Operated by experienced specialists proficient in cutting a wide range of materials, JIT’s Flow Dynamic Waterjet equipment virtually eliminates the stream-lag and cutting-taper problems associated with most waterjet cutting. Producing your parts accurately eliminates any need for secondary finishing. Our Flow Dynamic Waterjet also cuts faster, which expands your profit margins.


Waterjet Cutting


laminated glassArchitectural Laminated Glass is a source of limitless inspiration for our project partners across many industries. JIT is a full-service glass fabricator with extensive knowledge of glazing techniques and the skill to use them inventively and cost-effectively to deliver your projects on time. Laminated glass is fabricated by sandwiching sheet materials called interlayers between two or more lites or panes of glass, permanently bonding these under heat and pressure into a single construction. Proprietary processes and specialized equipment are used to create custom designs. The type of glass, thickness and color, and the visual characteristics of the interlayer materials all have an effect on light transmission, creating different degrees of opacity or translucency and a great range of visual effects. Laminated glass interlayers can be made of single elements or custom combinations, limited only by your imagination.


Custom Laminated Glass


metal finishing, metal polishing service MinnesotaJIT Companies is continually expanding its metal finishing capabilities to better serve its clients that are already utilizing our other specialized services. Not all Minnesota metal polishers finishers are created equal and at JIT our people are metal finishing artisans, especially in the areas of Aluminum finishing and Stainless Steel finishing.  When first impressions are everything, our process enables us to impart a beautiful, unidirectional brushed finish that is desired by those in the industries that we serve. Our metal finishing techniques vary depending on the type and profile of material we are asked to process. This may also be referred to as a Straight-line, Stroke Sanded or Grained finish.    We have very few limitations when it comes to metal polishing services when it comes to part size, material thickness or configuration so your parts can be finished after fabrication to remove surface defects, scratches, welds, and weld discoloration.


Metal Finishing


UltraVueDeveloped especially for framing and display, UltraVue® Laminated Glass is engineered to a tighter specification for discerning clients who demand the best viewing experience possible. UltraVue is readily and widely available when you need it. JIT frequently works with artists and designers to fabricate one-of-a-kind designs and offers precision waterjet cutting of custom/special shapes, waterjet cutting of holes, flat edge polishing or grinding, and shipping throughout the US and Canada.


Laminated Glass


  • Drill/Tap – avCuttingailable upon request for signage projects.
  • Installation Template – available upon request for signage projects.
  • Studs/Stand-offs – available upon request for signage projects.
  • Part Marking – Dot Matrix Marking Machine provides permanent, reliable marking on all types of materials from plastic to steel. Markings include serial numbers, manufacture dates, reference numbers.
  • Concept Development and Full Design/Technical Consultation – JIT blends your designs with our experience, innovation and technology to provide the most cost-effective solutions for your project.
  • Pickup & Delivery/Transportation – Since we have our own trucks, our delivery rates are competitive and will save you money on transportation costs.


Other Services