Sign Companies

Sign companies turn to JIT Companies to make their signage stand out. We use our waterjet cutting technology to cut flat metal letters that can be used on buildings and other structures. We can also ensure the flat cut metal letters are ready to mount so that you don’t have to do so yourself. Not preparing the flat cute metal letters or signage for mounting for you would result in you having to find a separate solution. We don’t want you to have to do this. We take care of it all for you.

It is through our requirement to be a full-service waterjet cutting and fabrication company for sign companies that we are able to make establishing the proper signage for you. This makes us much more than a Minnesota waterjet cutting company to our clients.

Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos

JIT Companies can provide flat cut metal letters and logos for companies in the signage industry. We specialize in aluminum processing but can also provide brass, copper, and stainless steel

Signage and lettering - flat cut letters - JIT CompaniesVertical And Horizontal Brushed Finish

We can apply a vertical or horizontal brushed finish to the cut letters. This gives the finished product a very appealing look and it works with any style of lettering. Having an additional finish also gives the letters another layer of protection.

Drill Tap/Mounting Finish

We ensure that you have the mounting finish that you need so that the signage can be properly mounted the way that you need it to be. All you have to do is provide us with your specifications and we will make sure it happens for you. That way you don’t have less to do when it comes to mounting your signage

Studs and Standoffs

Studs and standoffs are permanently installed and promote a smooth design. They will install in aluminum or steel sheets of varying thickness to provide reusable and strong threads for mating hardware in a number of applications. Other important aspects include:

  • Allowing the side of a sheet opposite the installation to remain unaltered and smooth
  • One side of the installation will satisfy strict ingress protection requirements where the sheet needs to be completely sealed off from liquid, air, dust, or other elements

And this is not where the benefits end. We will help sign companies find the best solution for their mounting and display needs. With our help, you can increase your project turnaround and even save money.

Contact A Minnesota Waterjet Cutting Company

If you are a sign company looking for flat cut metal letters or a solid and beautiful signing solution to your project, JIT Companies can help you. We use the finest waterjet cutting machines and our experience enables us to do virtually anything you need us to do. To learn more about our services and how they can help you, call us at 507-326-5240 and request a free quote.