Specialty Glass

At JIT Companies, we use innovative production techniques to create exceptional specialty glass products. We are able to do this after years of industry experience and through our ability to use the most innovative and up-to-date methods and materials.

If you have a project that requires any of our specialty glass products, we will be more than happy to help you. As a reliable Minnesota specialty glass company, there are many projects that we can help you with. All we need are your specifications and we can begin working for you.

Thin Gauge Glass

Sometimes glass doesn’t have to be overly thick. There are many projects that require a thin gauge glass, but that also doesn’t mean that it has to be easily breakable. The thin gauge glass that we work with is durable, yet it will give your sign or other project the look that you need it to have with the thinner gauge.

Color Filters

We have provided specialty glass with color filters for companies, such as DepotStar and Polar Pro. If you don’t want the clear look, then color filters can be applied to the glass during the glass creation process to give it the color that you want and need. The glass can have UV protection qualities after the filters are applied.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Many times, anti-reflective qualities are needed in a glass product. That is no problem. Our UltraVue Laminated glass has the anti-reflective quality that you need. It also blocks up to 99% of UV rays while giving you crystal clear transmission. This glass is durable and it is easy to clean. It can also meet the tight specifications for display and framing.
Small I.G. Units
Insulating glass units, or I.G. units, usually have two panes of glass that are separated by a material and then sealed together at their edge. When we seal two panes of glass together, we can ensure the I.G. unit is small so that the result isn’t thicker than you need it to be. One customer we have done this for as a Minnesota specialty glass company is Despatch.

Safety Light Curtain Assemblies

Banner Engineering is one of the companies that we have utilized safety light curtains for. These devices help safeguard against injuries around hazardous machines. This gives the freedom and flexibility to work with hazardous machinery without too much operator fatigue. Operator fatigue can be a detriment to the manufacturing of a product, so we have put the proper safeguards in place to guard against them.

Port Hole Glass

Port hole glass is designed for cleanroom applications. This is another service that we provided for Despatch. Port hole glass can integrate seamlessly into modular ceiling and wall systems. The glass can be hermetically sealed and coated with a finish while glazing or insulated glass units can be integrated into some cases. Port hole glass, or cleanroom windows, can also be integrated into return air walls to minimize the disruption of airflow.

Contact A Minnesota Specialty Glass Company

If you need a project completed using specialty glass, we have the materials and the experience to make that happen for you. We have finished projects for many high-profile clients and want to do the same for you. If you have a project that needs finished that requires specialty glass, let us know and we will be more than happy to help. Call us at 507-326-5240 to request a free quote.