UltraVue® Laminated UV Glass Services

Readily and widely available when you need it.

UltraVue® Laminated UV Glass is developed specially for framing and display, engineered to a tighter specification for discerning clients who demand the best viewing experience possible. Recommended applications include high traffic framing or museum glass display cases, for works of art, shadowboxes, where anti glare glass is required, and so much more!

JIT frequently works with artists and designers to fabricate one-of-a-kind designs and offers precision waterjet cutting of custom shapes, waterjet cutting of holes, flat edge polishing or grinding, and shipping throughout the US and Canada. JIT Companies can deliver your final project directly to your door damage-free since we have our own trucks! Learn more about our UltraVue® glass services.

Some of our UltraVue Laminated Glass features:

  • Anti glare glass / Anti reflection glass virtually eliminating reflections
  • Quality museum glass
  • Laminated UV glass protection which blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Shatter resistance
  • Designed to meet tighter specifications for framing and display than glass made to architectural specifications
  • Precision custom waterjet pieces & shapes
  • Flat edge polishing or grinding
  • Made in the USA
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Museum glass & uv glass display


JIT is the only Distributor in the US with the 6.4mm thickness available! 



4.4 mm
6.4 mm
8.8 mm


63 x 85 in.
72 x 120 in.
72 x 120 in.


2159 x 1600 mm
3048 x 1829 mm
3048 x 1829mm


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