Some of our Best Stories & Resources of 2021

flat cut logos and letter for signage - JIT CompaniesAs we roll into the final weeks of 2021, we want to take a look back at some of our best resources and customer stories.  We would also like to give a shout-out to our customers for being by our side this year.  Whether you worked with JIT Companies for the first time, or you are a “Seasoned VIP” with JIT – please know that we appreciate you and are looking forward to working together even more in 2022.

Some Top Resources from JIT

Featured Customer Stories

Construction of the giant St. Louis Cardinals MLB trophyGiant World Series Replica (Partner: Archetype)

Last year, we collaborated with a longtime customer, Archetype to create a super-sized MLB trophy outside of Ballpark Village in St. Louis, MO. The giant replica of the World Series trophy was huge – at 35 feet in height and over 15 feet in diameter. JIT Companies was ready to step up to the challenge of waterjet cutting and polishing the stainless steel components that make up this structure, which included the curved side panels with etched text and toe kick, mirror polished top dome along with the 30 flag poles that grace the trophy perimeter.

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Custom Awards & Trophies (Partner: Apogee Commemoratives)

Awards and trophies mean a lot more when they are custom designed.   We have worked with our friends at Apogee Commemoratives to make custom awards out of materials such as glass, stone, acrylic, and metals of any type. JIT helps bring the award to life with precision waterjet cutting to produce the finished parts and straight-line metal polishing for the perfect finish.

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Bladesmithing (Partner: Arms & Armor)

We have a few knife makers that have figured it out, realizing that if their custom knife blanks were provided cut to shape with even precision rivet holes in the handles, they could produce more in less time. By waterjet cutting their already tempered material to shape, it allows them to forgo the heat-treating process and save days in the fabrication process. Arms & Armor specializes in medieval swords and weapons. Their attention to historic detail in the creations these artisans produce is simply stunning and unmatched.

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aluminum structural components - Timeless Columbaria - JIT CompaniesFree-Standing Memorial Columbaria (Partner: Timeless Columbaria)

Timeless Columbaria has projects installed in churches, cemeteries, and even educational institutions. JIT Companies was asked to provide our precision waterjet cutting services to cut the aluminum structural components for this assembly. After waterjet cutting, our metal finishing department applied a straight-line grain finish to the metal surfaces to ensure a beautiful consistent anodized part when completed.

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Reach out to JIT

Thanks to our many customers who have allowed us to share their project photos and stories! If you have a cool project coming up, or would like to be featured in an upcoming JIT blog or newsletter, please reach out! Give us a call at 507-326-5240 or contact us online and we’ll be your partner in a job well done. You’ll be glad you did!