At JIT Companies, we believe there is nothing more important than having personal interactions with our customers.  Whether it’s a short face-to-face meeting or a quick phone call, relationship building is an important process that we take seriously.  When touching base with our customers, we learn what drives their decision-making process when considering doing business with someone. We listen to the daily issues you have to deal with and offer cost-saving solutions.  One of the issues our customers deal with on a regular basis is transportation costs.

JIT will Save you Money on Transportation Costs

Transportation is always a talking point because of the increasing costs related to moving materials from point-to-point.  This is all the more reason you should be considering bringing JIT Companies on as a project partner.  We offer pickup and delivery services using our own trucks. This will help you be worry-free since your material will be handled only by JIT personnel ensuring a safe, damage free, door-to-door pickup and/or delivery. With JIT coordinating shipments, we can offer competitive rates that are much less than traditional providers, passing these savings on to you.

JIT offers damage-free, door-to-door pickup and delivery services. We use our own trucks and offer a competitive rate so you will save money.

JIT Companies transportation and delivery


Savings on the transportation costs for your next waterjet cuttingmetal finishing or laminated glass project is just one more reason to get to know us and experience the “JIT Companies Way”. To learn more about JIT Companies, Inc., give us a call at 507-326-5240 or email us today at You’ll be glad you did!