John Sheets of Masae Foxe Art in San Francisco, California recently turned to JIT Companies for assistance with a specialty glass project. Never having worked with JIT Companies before, John reached out to see how we could help. “I needed an anti-reflective laminated glass to protect a very fragile stained glass panel that I made and installed in the hallway of my home,” John remembers.

laminated glass panel by JIT Companies laminated glass panel over stained glass“This was my first time working with JIT. (They) were very easy to work with and helped me get samples so that I could make an informed glass selection. They also helped me ship the resulting laminated glass panel at a reasonable cost.” We have been helping artists like John for nearly four decades, and each time we get so excited to get to see photos of the finished project. It’s through these inside looks that other customers start to envision the possibilities, and how they too can work with our team.


Just Look at the End Result!

You can see the photos showing gorgeous stained glass panel in-situ (which essentially means leaving it in place) while the custom glass is added to protect it. “I enjoyed working with JIT personnel. They’re responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, considerate, and flexible,” says John. Our team loved working with John as well. You can learn more about Masae Foxe Art on Facebook.

If you’re an artist, interior designer, architect, or contractor, you can expand your custom design range by partnering with us on glass projects. Contact us today at or call us at 507-326-5240 – You’ll be Glad You Did!