metal finishing exampleAt JIT Companies we will bring clarity and a gleam to your eye when it comes to answering your questions about the perfect metal finish you are seeking. Our customers have been asking for what many think is the impossible finish, so we have answered by expanding operations to now include High Energy Centrifuge Polishing Machines.

Expanding to Include High Energy Centrifuge Polishing Machines

What normally would take hours to polish a part can now be done in a matter of minutes. This process has the ability to finish complex geometric parts without any other secondary steps. This is made possible by the centrifugal energy created in the counter rotating media drums. The extreme forces generated can be adjusted to achieve between 10-30 G-forces that is placed directly upon the parts surface. This movement between the media and the part creates a true Isotropic finish to all of the part surfaces to create a uniform finish. Because of the high energy that is created, delicate parts can be segmented within the barrels to prevent part impingement during processing.

The large variety of polishing media that is used is based on the part size, part geometry and what material type the part is made from. From there our technicians will determine what type of finish is required; these can range from simple part deburring and flash removal to a beautiful mirror finish. Parts that have parting lines from forging or rough surfaces created during the cast manufacturing process can be easily removed and blended for a flawless finish. Even parts that have been 3D Printed can use this process. Many times a part requires that the sharp edges be removed in order for proper operation of an assembly or perhaps simply making the part safer to handle. If you looking for the perfectly smooth edge that begs you to touch it and hold it in your hand, look no further.

Finish Consistency and Speed

This mass finishing process takes the human factor out of the finishing equation, especially when you are looking for finish consistency and speed. Although our Metal Finishing Artisans at JIT can do amazing things by hand, keeping up with a finely tuned automated process is next to impossible. Whether you are working with Metals, Rubber, Plastics or Glass, let JIT Companies show you a better way to put the shine on your parts.

Who can use this type of finishing process? Check the list below to see if you’re on it!

  • Custom Machine Shops
  • 3D Part Additive Manufacturing
  • Firearms Industry
  • Aerospace Manufacturers
  • Metal Stamping Industry
  • Custom Metal Fabricators
  • Metal Artists
  • Custom Automobile and Motorcycle Parts
  • Plastic Processors
  • Medical Technology
  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Stone and Glass Industry
  • Rubber Parts Manufacturers
  • Metal Foundries
  • Waterjet and Laser Job Shops

Having a “High Shine” is a sign of Quality and Knowledge. When you come to JIT Companies, we’ll provide you with both and throw in the Great Customer Service at “No Charge”. If you have parts that you would like us to sample test for you, send them to our Metal Finishing Location and we will be happy to process them for your approval.

We are a full service metal finishing provider, so don’t forget about our other hard to find metal finishing capabilities which include Automated Wet-Belt Timesavers®, Automated Stroke Sanders, and Tube polishing up to 6” diameter with lengths up to 20 feet all under one roof.

If you have questions or would like further information, Contact us today at or call us at 507-326-5240 – You’ll be Glad You Did!