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TimeSavers metal finisher - JIT Companies, Metal Polishing Service in MinnesotaJIT Companies is continually expanding its quality metal finishing capabilities to better serve its clients that are already utilizing our other specialized services. Not all metal finishing companies are created equal and at JIT, our people are quality metal finishing artisans, especially in the areas of brushed aluminum finish and brushed stainless finish.  When first impressions are everything, our process enables us to impart a beautiful, unidirectional brushed finish that is desired by those in the industries that we serve. We are able to provide exceptional results to your material surface so it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a surface finish that asks to be touched.  Our quality metal finishing techniques vary depending on the type and profile of material we are asked to process.

Your Metal Polishing Service in Minnesota

metal finishing and metal polishing service in MinnesotaThe majority of our work utilizes a #4 Brushed Finish which is commonly used in industries that require the products to have a decorative surface finish.  This may also be referred to as a Straight-line, Stroke Sanded, or Grained finish. We have very few limitations when it comes to our Aluminum Finish and Brushed Stainless finish capabilities, whether it be part size, material thickness or configuration so your parts can be finished after fabrication to remove surface defects, scratches, welds, and weld discoloration. JIT has a wide range of surface finishes available from an aggressive 40 grit to remove mill scale and deep imperfections increasing to a 400+ grit abrasive belts for a near polished finish. 3 levels of 3M Scotch-Brite finishing are also available to achieve the desired finish specifications required for your project.

High-Quality Time Saved Finishes
(Our Investment Saves You Time and Money)

Introducing our newest addition of modern metal finishing equipment. We now have added a real workhorse to our stable, TimeSavers 4 Head Wet Wide Belt metal finisher now gives us the ability to finish a variety of metal alloys and shapes all in one single pass. Depending on your finish requirements we are able to change abrasive belts in seconds to achieve the luster you are looking for. Abrasive belts range from 36 grit for fast mill scale removal to a near 1200 grit polish and everything in-between. Tell us what you are looking for and we will dial it in. With this automated wet finishing process, there is no longer the risk of material warping compared to a dry sanding system that generates extreme heat transfer into the part.  We can process lengths of material up to 24ft with ease. Square, rectangular, bar, tube, or flat stock of any size can now be processed with lightning speed. Radius corners on your material?  No problem, we can do that as well. With feed rates of up to 45 feet per minute we can reduce lead times by days, keeping your projects on track and on budget.

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JIT Metal Finishing specializes in high quality “TRUE” straight-line finishes on:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze and Brass Alloys
  • Sheet and Plate Stock
  • 3-Dimensional Shapes and Extrusion Profiles
  • Round, Square, Rectangle Tube, and Bar Stock

Your Source for Brushed Aluminum or Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

Minnesota Metal Polishing service - Timesavers Metal FinishingWhatever your industry, metal suppliers, fabricators, sign companies, food service equipment makers, and other specialty manufacturers prefer JIT’s attention to detail and high internal standards which ensure consistent results on time and on budget. JIT’s custom metal finishing includes non-ferrous and architectural metal finishing. As a metal finishing company for over 35 years, we have held the bar high for our craft. That same attention to detail continues using the technology and skill customers expect. So if metal finishing has become a painful bottle-neck and you are in the market of finding a vendor to provide a Brushed Aluminum finish or Brushed Stainless Steel Finish, we are only a phone call away.  We are your premier metal polishing service in Minnesota!

JIT Companies can even deliver your final project directly to your door damage-free since we have our own trucks! Ask us about how we can save you money on transportation costs.


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