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The Challenge:  A manufacturer of custom solid state laser systems, located in the northwestern United States needed a job shop that would custom cut ZeroDur glass components to maintain tight tolerance, quality specifications. ZeroDur is a relatively expensive material within the scope of this project. There is no room in the profit margins for damage to the material of any kind. This company was looking for a job shop that would handle their material with care throughout all processes to prevent any damage to the material. This manufacturer also needed test cut or proto type parts to ensure that specifications and programmed drawings of the custom part would, indeed, fit the laser when the production process was complete.


Also, the cutting of this fragile, expensive part needed to integrate into the custom production timeline of said manufacturer. It was imperative to have the part back on time in order to deliver the completed system to their customer by the promised date.


The Solution:  JIT Waterjet came through for the manufacturer on all of their points of need. The customer supplied the source material blanks.  Careful handling of material at receiving prevented any damage during that stage of production. Special set-ups were used to prevent any chipping of the ZeroDur during the cutting process.  JIT did test cuts on the customer’s drop material. The cuts were a “dead-on” match to specifications and the final product was repeated to well within acceptable tolerances.


All parts were returned to the customer undamaged. Even the drop material was packaged with vacuum seal packaging to prevent damage.


The Result:  This manufacturer has come to rely on JIT Companies for their waterjet cutting needs. They trust that JIT will deliver quality parts on time, every time. This helps them meet their deadlines and keep their customers happy.


Testimonial:  “JIT Waterjet has reliably produced the complex ZeroDur components that we use in our products. Their “on-time” delivery is also a plus.”


*Our customer for this case study asked to remain anonymous; to some of our customers we’re their best kept secret.