Whether you are an Architect, Design Specialist, Manufacturer or simply a person who is seeking to incorporate certain decorative glass elements into your specially designed creation, you need to start the search and discovery process.  To begin, you make a visit to your local glass supplier or do a web search and discover a treasure chest of decorative patterns and glass styles from which to choose.  This distinctive art glass ranges from the dramatic textures to subtle ones and everything in between. Your eye naturally goes to the most beautiful ones. (I witness this phenomenon when I go shopping with my wife!)  You select the one that you want and any compromise at this point is not an option; it’s the perfect one.  Your decision has been made and your heels are dug in, as it is your distinctive statement that will complement and finish off your project.  At JIT, we refer to it as the “jewelry” that will catch everyone’s eye.

Custom Decorative patterned glass, laminated glass

Beautiful glass selection but…

Picking the Perfect Glass “Jewelry”

The excitement you are feeling with your beautiful glass selection is suddenly crushed when you are told that the glass you have chosen and fell in love with will not work for your situation because it is not thick enough, cannot be tempered, or will not meet safety code requirements.  Now, what do you do? You have to go back and select something from a much smaller palette and at this point, nothing is doing it for you.  (To reference my wife again, you can have the most beautiful dress at the party but without the “jewelry”, it’s just another dress.)

Custom Decorative Pattern Glass – Made Your Way

custom patterned decorative glass, custom laminated glass

Would you use this thin (1/8”) glass material for a table top?
We hope not, but read on for the solution.

But wait, it can now “Be Your Way” at JIT Companies.  You don’t need to settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary!  We specialize in glass laminating and this process can be truly amazing. We can take your glass selection and bond it to a like piece of glass or use other glass types and thicknesses to achieve the performance level required to ensure you have a safe, durable, and functioning decorative art glass element. All without taking away from the beauty that you were drawn to in the first place.  For cabinetry inserts, tabletops, custom doors, and windows or any other design application you can think of, chances are that JIT Companies will be able to assist you in creating your “true” design vision.

Glass Color, Size & Shape

Want some color? We can add that too – the options can be endless.  Our glass selections are sourced worldwide, so availability is always close at hand.  Depending on the glass type, such as European mouth blown glass, the glass size might be limited, but we have ways around that.  Need a special size and shape after laminating? We have you covered on that front also.   Check out our other capabilities and we can be your one stop shop for your special project needs.  If there is something that we cannot directly help you in doing, we can assist you with providing other helpful resources that we have at our fingertips.

When your project hits a rough patch, let JIT smooth the way. Tell us what you are looking for in custom decorative pattern glass and give us a call at 507-326-5240 or contact us online. You’ll be glad you did!

JIT Companies, Inc…Your New Best Friend For Custom Glass Laminating!

(PS: I no longer shop with my wife)