When you absolutely, positively, gotta have it without delay – Choose custom Pyro-Ceramic Laminated Glass from JIT Companies

When to use Pyro-Ceramic Laminated Glass for your Project

Custom Pyro-Ceramic Laminated GlassAt JIT Companies, we offer many different types of custom glass laminating ranging from high profile architectural applications to custom fabricated glass for medical and scientific industries.  Recently, JIT fabricated custom pyro-ceramic viewing windows for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer.  During the manufacturing process, all of the critical processing equipment is contained within a clean zone in which access is only obtained through arm portholes in the glass panels which allows technicians to gain access without contaminating the working envelope.  There are many viewports within this type of equipment and as a matter of routine maintenance, the glass is replaced on a regular basis to prevent any lost production time due to a broken or defective glass panel.  Pyro-ceramic glass is used because the processing equipment needs to be sterilized on a regular basis to prevent any possible bacteria growth.  This is accomplished through high heat and steam which the ceramic glass can easily withstand.  JIT Companies provides custom glass laminating of these parts in order to provide a safety factor for the technicians in case of breakage.  The glass would remain intact until it could be replaced.

Special Handling for all our Laminated Glass Projects

Lost production time due to a critical glass component being damaged or broken is something that needs to be avoided at all costs.  JIT just doesn’t stop with the manufacturing of this high-value custom glass.  We go the extra mile to ensure it arrives in perfect condition in order to go into service.  It starts in our shipping department with custom crates built specifically for the size, shape and weight of what is going into it.  We’ve seen how glass is handled by forklift operators and warning stickers don’t seem to do much good.  We often joke that any glass warning label might as well include a large bullseye target on the side of the crate because these shipments do get abused during transit.  Standard on every glass shipment is the use of heavy cross bracing, tip n’ tell and G-force indicators along with honey-comb side protection; you will know immediately if your shipment was improperly handled.  At JIT, we do our best to ensure you get your product in perfect condition when it arrives.  Once you receive one of our custom glass shipments you will realize that from beginning to end, your order was in good hands at JIT Companies.

So, next time when you absolutely, positively, gotta have it without delay, give JIT Companies a call. You’ll be glad you did.