Aluminum Outdoor oven for campingThe last thing I thought I would ever hear is “Don’t forget the oven”, especially when you are headed on a Boundary Waters canoe trip and you need to pack light.  Now I have to admit, I love the outdoors, but my idea of camping would be the air-conditioned motor home with all of the comforts of home, including the kitchen stove.  Until now, my idea of a meal over a campfire would include hot dogs and s’mores, not baked goods like bread or corn muffins.

Surviving in the Outdoors

(Yes, it’s possible with an Aluminum Outdoor Oven)

I learned something today; that some people (like Scott Harris from Old Scout Outdoor Products) are very creative when it comes to surviving in the great outdoors. Scott has designed a lightweight aluminum reflector oven enabling campers to enjoy cooked meals that normally require a traditional oven for baking.  JIT Companies had the privilege of assisting Scott with this innovative design! We are proud to produce these Outdoor Ovens for  Old Scout Outdoor Products so they can supply the hard-core campers and explorers amongst us with some of the creature comforts of home. It has been great working with Scott at Old Scout Outdoor Products to create this unique camping gear.

“As I mentioned when I picked up my last order, you guys are #1 on my list…. You guys have always treated me well and the reflector oven pieces are always completed in perfect manner.”  – Scott, Old Scout Outdoor Products

So on your next deep woods camping excursion “Don’t forget the oven”, and if you don’t have one you can contact Scott at Old Scout Outdoor Products and he’ll “Getcha” Cooking.  Thank You, Scott, for being part of our JIT Family.

If you need help with your next waterjet cutting or metal finishing project, whether it is for art, function, or cooking in the wild,  give us a call at 507-326-5240 or contact us here. You’ll be glad you did!