Same story with this one.  It’s with a customer who hasn’t worked with us in a while and the case study is from 2009, but we have a photo to go with it.


Emerald Ironworks Inc. has been fabricating most anything of metal for the past 28 years. However, high quality driveway gate systems and railings of distinction are the focus of the company.


Emerald Ironworks Inc. is prepared to employ whatever fabricating technique is best suited to achieve the desired result of their client. They have a well-equipped fabrication shop that can handle most any technique that is required. However, sometimes the desired result requires water jet cutting, a tool that is not included in the fabrication shop.


When Emerald Ironworks Inc. partners with another company they have to ensure that the quality of the part and service matches their own. JIT Companies, Inc. and their water jet cutting services are just the right fit.


Like Emerald, JIT Companies, Inc. has the ability to understand the design concepts, the interdependence of the component they are cutting and how it fits into the overall gate or railing system. JIT Companies realizes that Emerald Ironworks is quoting contractors and architects and, like Emerald, JIT can review blue prints and bid from CAD drawings and designs.


JIT Companies, Inc. understands what it takes to make Emerald Ironworks look good in the eyes of their client. At JIT Companies, Inc. we always strive to attain that recognition for our clients.


“JIT offered expert assistance and execution of a complicated project. Bob Pflipsen not only did exactly what I asked, he went above and beyond by taking a vested interest in the project, strategizing ways to do things better and more efficiently, and ensuring it was a success. There are a lot of water-jet companies out there, but at the end of the day it, in large part, comes down to the people and the service. That’s why I choose JIT.”

                                                                          Justin L. Pigott
Emerald Ironworks Inc.