Over the years we have been asked to help out some of our clients who specialize in designing railing specific projects. Many designers and artists have a vision for specific projects but when it comes time to execute on the fabrication side, they discover things need to change in order for it to come to fruition, often interfering with the design intent or even the overall cost of the project. Project budgets can get out of control quickly when numerous types of services are required to complete a project. At JIT Companies, we specialize in problem solving when things get challenging. With our knowledge, capabilities and resources, we can take the difficult portions of a project and complete them with ease. If you’re looking for team players to be a part of your project, you’ve found them at JIT Companies. Here are a few railing projects that clients asked us be a proud part of.

Chicago Art Institute – Robert Kinghorn and AssociatesRailing Kinghorn - JIT Companies
Fabricator: JIT Companies, Inc

We’ve known Robert “Bob” Kinghorn for years and he has always asked us to be a part of his many commissions and interesting projects. This elegant but simple railing design had a few requirements that needed to be met by the institute as it was going to preserve and show case salvaged metal ornamental castings designed by Architect Louis Sullivan (1856-1924). The railing design needed to be structurally sound to prevent any potential damage and preserve the ornate castings in case someone leaned against the railing as it would be exposed to visitors to the Art Institute. Another requirement, it was is to have no visible mechanical fasteners. Now this can be a challenge when all of the material is 4000 lbs. of half inch bar stock and plate steel. Super glue was not going to work for this application, so with our waterjet cutting technology we designed all of the components to be cut with weld tabs. This feature also served to fixture and align all of the parts during assembly which enabled fabrication time to be greatly reduced. The plug welded areas were then ground smooth making them invisible after powder coating.

American Trio Lofts – Downtown Minneapolis Fabricator: Matson Design Specialties, LLC - JIT Companies

American Trio Lofts – Downtown Minneapolis
Fabricator: Matson Design Specialties, LLC

Our friend Zack Matson needed our metal polishing assistance for his custom railing project that required it to be fabricated on the job site. All of the stainless steel components that make up the railing required a #4 Architectural Grain/Brush finish on all surfaces. Anyone working with stainless steel bar stock will tell you the last thing you want to do is try and finish it by hand unless you are a glutton for punishment. Knowing this could only be accomplished by pre-finishing all of the individual parts so they could be carefully TIG welded together on site, Zack reached out to JIT for our metal finishing expertise. With the project being on a tight schedule, we were able to complete the entire finishing job in 2-3 days allowing more time for the welders in the field to accomplish their tasks. Whether its round, flat or bar stock, JIT Companies has what it takes to get you what you need FAST and if you are looking for custom ornamental iron and premium handcrafted metal work for your next project, you just found a great team to work with at Matson Design. Visit Matson Design Specialties on Facebook or give them a call at 507.310.2000.

Art Gate – Alexander TylevichArt Gate – Alexander Tylevich Fabricator: Casting Creations of Minnesota - JIT Companies
Fabricator: Casting Creations of Minnesota

We had the opportunity to work with our friend, the late Alexander Tylevich on one of his last projects entitled “Art Gate” Bloomington Kaleidoscope. This installation is located between the Mall of America and MSP Airport in Bloomington, Minnesota. The artistry incorporated into this intricate operating gate represents the areas great cultural and ethnic diversity, along with the many different spoken languages that can be found in the area. Also included are elements of the rich flora and fauna that can be found in the region. 

Art Gate – Alexander Tylevich Fabricator: Casting Creations of Minnesota - JIT CompaniesThe sculpture gate measures 6’ in height by 20 ft. wide and is constructed as two operating halves. The actual fabrication and bronze castings were provided by Casting Creations of MN while JIT Companies provided the waterjet cutting of all of the bronze elements that made up the individual shield sections. The custom laminated butterflies and stainless steel frames to secure the glass incorporated into the center medallion were also fabricated by JIT’s Waterjet Cutting and Laminating Division. These movable components allow for interaction of passerby’s with the gate itself. Whether by foot, bike or car, this artwork installation is quickly readable by those passing by it any time of the day or night. It is a true work of art that will make you take pause and admire.

JIT Thrives on Challenging Projects

At JIT Companies, we specialize in problem solving when things get challenging. If you are a metal artisan, fabricator, artist or designer and need assistance with your challenging project, contact JIT Companies online or call us at 507-326-5240. You’ll be glad you did!

(Check out more detailed photos from the railing projects below. Click to enlarge.)

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