Frameless Glass Laminating Made Easy

We have a pretty good handle on glass laminating.

glass laminating, laminated glass projectsWe should, as we have been doing it long enough. Because we have completed a wide variety of glass laminating projects over the years, we have the depth and breadth to articulate your design concept and make your project happen.

The envelope is big. Depending on the glass thickness we can laminate pieces up to 68” x 158″. The art limitations are few (if any). We work with your art file, as the methods for preparing the film drives the outcome of the project. By using our preferred method, we can better predict how the art film will act during the laminating process. Our Neptun Edger create a glass edge finish that meets your request, whether it is a polished edge, flat grind, or an ease, whatever you need. If the laminated piece is to be wall mounted, our waterjet cutting capabilities provide us the ease of which to cut the mounting holes in the diameter and locations you specify, to accommodate your mounting hardware.

Whether your project is just a gleam in your eye, or you are ready to get things done, we should talk about it. Call us at 507-326-5240 or fill out this simple form online. We look forward to hearing about your glass laminating projects!

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