Let’s talk about sandwiches made with glass… We make them.

JIT Companies’ Glass Laminating Process

glass laminating sample project JIT CompaniesAt JIT Companies, we have the glass laminating process down to a T. Starting with your artwork, JIT Companies prints the image on a PET sheet, and the flexibility of what can be printed is pretty amazing. All colors, all opacities, fades, blends, faux materials, images, text. The printed art is positioned with an appropriate interlayer laminate and the piece is heated to fuse the materials. Laminated glass typically meets the safety code requirements for tempered glass but offers the option of graphics, patterns, colors, and select textures. Once we have your sandwich, complete with the fillings of your choice, JIT Companies gives you your desired edge with our state-of-the-art glass edging machines. We can polish, bevel, ease, pencil, or seam without damaging the laminated area. Start to finish and edge to edge, JIT Companies is your best partner for your laminated glass project.

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