Today, let’s talk about what drives signage installers crazy. Envision being given a large sign installation job with custom lettering.  This signage project requires drilling hundreds of holes for metal lettering and logos to be applied.  The paper templates for the job have been folded multiple times and the stud locations marked on the templates are kind of sketchy because it was marked manually.  On top of that, the letter backs appear to be drilled and tapped in random locations even for the same letter type, so this letter will only fit in its designated location on the template. Can you imagine the word “MISSISSIPPI” and now your poor installer needs to take the time to figure out each letter location? How about the lack of tapped threads that easily strip out when the stud is installed because the hole was not drilled and tapped deep enough? Things like this can add up to huge amounts of wasted time on the job site not to mention adding to the frustration level.  At JIT Companies, we put ourselves in your position to ensure a hassle-free installation for your installers.

How to Help your Signage Installers with Custom Lettering Projects

There are many ways that customers can help reduce frustration or added work with custom letter projects. It begins with precision marked templates with exact drill locations. All of the CNC cut lettering and logos match up perfectly to the templates to ensure perfect alignment. Drill and tap holes are perfectly calibrated to the material thickness to provide plenty of threads to prevent stripping (see video above). Remember “MISSISSIPPI”? The locations of the S’s and I’s are all interchangeable because our process ensures all like elements are drilled and tapped exactly the same. So now when some letters go missing in action at a later date (and they always seem to) JIT Companies can provide you with an exact duplicate right down to the same hole locations from our archived files.  You’ll love our lightweight poly templates for this type of application. It’s the little things like this that our clients have come to appreciate from JIT Companies! Your installers will love you (even more) when you provide them with custom lettering from JIT. Take a look at some custom lettering templates below.

Examples of Custom Lettering Templates that Sign Installers Love

Thin Poly Template used for VHB application - Sign Installation

Custom lettering signage showing thin Poly Template used for VHB application.

(Precision plywood templates used for marking same letter – same hole locations)

Custom lettering signage with precision archived templates used for marking same letter – same hole locations.

Paper template. Holes are marked via computer program to duplicate both replacement letter and/or lost template if needed - Sign installer

Custom Lettering showing paper template. Holes are marked via a computer program to duplicate both replacement letters and/or lost templates if needed.

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