Art Deco and New Age Industrial Metals

At any time during the day at JIT Companies, you can walk through the production area and see a variety of material being cut with the waterjets. Everything from ceramic floor mosaics, kiln formed glass table tops, glass awards, aircraft components and things that have interesting shapes, but you have no idea what it is going to be a part of. One day I came across a cart of such parts and it piqued my interest so I asked more questions. I soon found out that these parts would come together as wall art in a most interesting fashion of fish species. In a fusion of polished aluminum and exotic woods, Mark and Rebecca Gottschalk produce this collection in a style that is part of Art Deco and New Age Industrial Metals.

Art Deco and New Age Industrial Metal finishing

Artist Mark Gottschal, at the Disney Spring Boathouse Restaurant

Fish Art at Fine Restaurant at Disney World Properties

Although one can envision a real mounted fish to be at home in the cabin up north or in a man cave, this contemporary artwork would be welcome in any type of setting. Now, I certainly don’t profess to be an art critic but when something catches my eye and causes me to stop and admire it, I consider it good art. To take it a step further, this must be “Great Art” since it caught the eye of Disney World executives. They have it prominently displayed, decorating the walls at some of the fine restaurants at Disney World – Orlando.  Check out the video below of the Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs. You can see a brief look at the Art Deco and New Age Industrial Metal Fish at 1:25.

Art Deco and New Age Industrial MetalsArt Deco and New Age Industrial Metal FinishingArt Deco and New Age Industrial Metal Finishing


If you are an artist that is looking at producing an exceptional piece of art like Mark and Rebecca, perhaps you might consider giving JIT Companies a call to assist with your next project. We thank the Gottschalk’s for letting us be part of their creations and joining the JIT Companies Family. To see more of their work, connect with them at Next time you have an interesting or challenging project, contact JIT Companies at 507-326-5240 or fill out this simple form – You’ll be glad you did!