glass polishing equipment, Neptun Rock 8 Edge PolisherWe finished the set-up on our new Neptun Rock 8 Edge Polisher.

New machines, like the Neptun Rock 8 Edge Polisher,  always draw a crowd back in the shop, especially when the final tweaking is happening and pieces are being tested. We enjoy this process a lot. In one pass, we can do a high polished edge on up to 40mm thick glass. We can put an arris (bevel) on the piece simultaneously. We also wanted to have the capability to polish the edge of laminated pieces; it’s here now in the Italy-made Neptun. Common polishing rigs try to grind the edge of laminated pieces and this can pull the laminate material out of the piece and allow water to penetrate the field. Our rig is set up to cut the edge of the lamination which prevents pulling the interlayer out. This is a subtle, but key difference that makes the job go smoothly.

Additional Flat Edge Polish Capabilities Available

With three waterjets, the glass laminator, and the edge polisher, we are able to handle all of your needs for architectural laminated glass, UltraVue® laminated glass, interlayer projects, and custom work of a surprisingly broad scope. We work with not only glass but also metals, stone, acrylics and more. When you need a partner who can get projects done, look no further than JIT Companies! We have just enhanced some powerful in-house capabilities and by improving a key component like flat edge polishing, our core is even stronger.

Contact us today for a quote or for more information on our new glass polishing equipment and our broad in-house capabilities.