If you are a fabricator of stainless steel or aluminum, or a metal supplier looking for a superior metal finishing partner, look no further. JIT Companies is excited to let you know that we have recently accepted the delivery and installation of our new lightning-fast, wide belt TimeSavers ® metal finishing machine to speed finishing production and shorten lead times. The most important result is the lower costs for our customers! Depending on a customer’s finishing requirements, with this (4) head wet processing machine, we can take pitted stainless steel to a #4 dairy finish all in one pass. If you need to take it to a near polish, we can do that is well with just a few belt changes. We are able to run a solid bar, tube, and sheet stock in lengths up to 24 ft. We are limited to material widths of 18” or less on this high-performance powerhouse. The maximum opening height is 8” so this more than covers all of the different material configurations found in the metal market place. Need the edges on your bar stock polished as well? No problem, we can handle that with ease. Doing the difficult is our specialty; Angles, rounds, rectangles, squares or special shapes, we can handle it all. We just brought our metal finishing game to a whole new level, so let our metal artisans turn your material into a showpiece, saving time and money for you.

JIT Companies Invests in a TimeSavers® Metal Finishing Machine

  • Speed up finishing production
  • Shorten lead times
  • Lower cost to our customers
  • Pitted stainless steel to a #4 dairy finish in one pass
  • Near polish with just a few belt changes
  • Can polish edges of bar stock
  • Can handle angles, rounds, rectangles, squares or special shapes
  • Run a solid bar, tube, and sheet stock in lengths of 24 feet
  • Limited to widths of 18″ and maximum opening height of 8″

We welcome you to join our “All-Star Team” and finish first with JIT Companies. – You’ll be glad you did. Contact us online or call 507-326-5240 for immediate assistance with your metal finishing requirements.

Bringing our Metal Finishing to a Whole New Level

Timesavers metal finishing

Hey guys, the timesaver is here.

Timesavers Metal Finishing Machine JIT Companies

The machine is off of the truck and set into place

Now for the electrical – I was wondering how he was going to pull that wire.

JIT Companies invests in timesaving metal finishing machine

The workhorse section of the machine.

JIT Metal Finishing invest in TimeSaver Metal Finishing machine

Let’s finish the training and get to work.