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Bottom Surface of the Floor Panel

Ok, let’s face it, most people would rather not have holes in their floor unless you have a unique situation you are dealing with. Most of today’s high tech buildings have Tate® raised flooring systems allowing for design flexibility and cost-saving advantages they offer when dealing with ventilation, electrical and water access from under floor systems. The access floor panels that are used in these types of systems have various designs and materials but the most common are formed steel ConCore® filled with a lightweight cement mixture.

Under Floor System Challenges

Cutting holes in these under floor system panels on site is problematic. It poses a significant challenge for anyone due to the panels design and the mess that is made trying to cut through multiple types of material at the same time.

Bottom surface of floor panel, JIT Companies, Under Floor system

Top Surface of the Floor Panel

Trying to accomplish this within a server room or clean room causes dirt contamination that would put high value equipment at risk for damage or cause project delays needed for decontamination of the room. Facility managers today are often faced with these situations and short lead times to get things accomplished and have come to rely on JIT Companies to assist them with their flooring systems.

JIT offers an expedite option for situations when you need to make a quick flooring change where a custom cutout is required; we can waterjet cut your material to exact specifications and will enable you to install your flooring with lightning-speed!

JIT Companies can Assist with Raised Flooring Systems

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