This is an old one from 2008 but we have a picture to go with it.  There’s a testimonial, but it’s with a company we haven’t done business with in a few years.  Should we use it since he did give us permission originally, or what are your thoughts?


Nonn’s Flooring in Middleton, WI is listed as 23rd in the nation among specialty flooring retailers, and they are the largest independent retailer of flooring in Wisconsin. Their innovative formula includes quality materials, competitive pricing, and unmatched service that caters to the needs of architects, interior designers or certified professional installers.


Louie Spahn from Nonn’s Flooring did not think it would be easy to coordinate the installation of a unique floor inlay project such as this, but he was willing to try.   This particular project was an architecturally designed floor inlay. The 27 foot diameter labyrinth pattern was to be cut from three different colors of carpet.


There were a number of issues that were critical to completing this project. The artwork was received by Nonn’s from the architect as a blue print. This drawing needed to be translated into a digital format, such as a .dxf file. The architect was also requesting customer references with regard to similar jobs that the water jet operator had completed. The architect knew, from experience, that with a project of this scale any mistakes would most likely cost them their profit margin and since the carpet was not being cut on site the risk of mistakes increased greatly. Reordering material would be costly not only in material, but also in timeliness. Installation deadlines would be pushed back if installers had to wait for a second shipment of carpet. In this situation, experience was a valuable asset that might not be apparent on the estimate, but would be very apparent on the bottom line, if mistakes were made.


Louie Spahn, a commercial sales associate for Nonn’s Flooring, found the JIT Water jet website and discovered that JIT Companies, Inc. could translate the blue print drawing to .dxf file so the water jet could read the cut path. After speaking with Bob Pflipsen, Director of Engineering at JIT Companies, Louie also discovered that JIT Companies had experience with this type of project and would be able to provide the references required by the architect. JIT not only provided references but also contacted the architect directly to give reassurance that JIT could handle the project.


With deadlines looming, the project was put into process. The file translation was completed before the carpet arrived. Nonn’s Flooring delivered the three rolls of carpet to JIT and trusted that they would deliver on a ten day turn around that was promised. The project was scheduled and cut within that time frame. Each part was labeled as it was off-loaded from the water jet.  An installation guide was printed and sent with the shipment to expedite the installation process; an unexpected but welcome benefit of working with JIT Companies, Inc.


Installation was a success; the parts fit together perfectly. While this type of project isn’t typical for Nonn’s Flooring, in this case it was profitable for them. Due to the help of JIT Companies, it was much easier to coordinate than it originally appeared to be at the onset on of the project. It is likely, that should a unique project such as this present itself again, that Louie would accept the challenge knowing that he could count on the experience and expertise of JIT Companies, Inc.


“What an easy process” stated Louie Spahn when referring to working with JIT Companies. “They came through on everything they promised. I will definitely use them again in the future.”