previous keywords I’d mentioned that could use optimization into the landing pages? Maybe they’re open to these things now, or even creating a separate landing page for them? There are quite a few with low quality scores due to the landing page experiences.

Here are a few mentioned previously:
“brushed stainless finish”: Metal Finishing campaign ( NO mention
“metal finishing company”: Metal Finishing campaign ( NO mention.
“brushed stainless steel finish”: Metal finishing campaign ( NO mention
“quality metal finishing”: Metal Finishing campaign ( NO mentiom
“laminated glass uv protection”: UltraVue campaign NO mention.
“anti glare glass”: UltraVue campaign. NO mention

Content assistance from the Ads October review: (suggestions from Amanda)

  • More KWs with low quality score that need better landing page experience
“brushed stainless steel” – Not listed not he Metal Finishing page.
    Gets a lot of impressions so it would really be ideal to get that in there, or create a specific landing page for Metal finishing that includes this key phrase. (
  • “metal finishing company” – Not listed on the metal finishing page. Could be used as “Select us as your metal finishing company”.. or “JIT is a quality focused metal finishing company”. We could create a separate Metal Finishing landing page that includes this. This keyphrase is a lower priority, as there is not a high rate of monthly searches in MN. (

Previous KW info from Amanda:

Write a blog post about all the services, quality the Tru Vue offers and how they are similar to JIT