“CAN DO”.   This should be the motto for JIT COMPANIES, and for Angie and Chris who successfully made two panels of lamented glass for me, but let me start from the beginning:

I had previously contacted other companies over the years  to have a highly-specialized flat laminated glass panel from a very-rare vintage aircraft made up, and virtually all of them said they were unable to help.  This special glass had layers of glass with two different shapes, to form a relieved “step” along its top edge so it would fit flush against its frame when installed.     Finally I contacted Angie at JIT and she said, “Can do”..    But as they were gearing up for fabrication from vintage technical drawings, I discovered that this piece was a three-layered lamination, rather than two-layered.     Again, Angie said, “Can Do”.     The panel they reproduced was an exact  match for the original damaged panel and it fit  into its place perfectly where it was intended to go…   So I would like to say THANK YOU to the “CAN-DO” people, and especially Angie and Chris, as well as the rest of the crew for making this difficult replacement laminated glass for me.  I am certain that if I didn’t find JIT that I would still be here with a damaged glass panel…       I would highly recommend these fine people at JIT as a first choice, and probably the best chance that you get what you need in flat laminated glass..        Regards,      -Dan Collier, Laughlin, Nevada