Backsplash tile cuttingWith all of the new materials that are being used for backsplashes and tile projects these days, homeowners can select from an endless array of affordable glass tile to suit their style and budget.  One thing that gets overlooked in the excitement of choosing a product is how difficult is it going to be to install.  For a typical do-it yourselfer, or even for a seasoned tile contractor, cutting glass tile for a simple backsplash can be a real challenge.

Challenges with Cutting Glass Tile

The difficulty is getting a precise chip-free edge, let alone having all of the joints line up during installation.  There’s nothing worse than looking at misaligned grout joints or poorly cut glass.  For this reason, many of our commercial contractors use JIT Companies for precutting all of the material ahead of time so it can quickly and seamlessly be installed.  This saves on wasted or damaged product, resulting in lower project costs and a more professional installation.

Backsplash tile cutting DIY


Precutting Glass Tile – How do we do it?

At JIT Companies, we use our many precision waterjets to precut the tile to perfection.  We simply take your supplied material and lay it out on the large cutting surface, making sure all of the material aligns perfectly.  From there, using your measured template, we program the cut path to include all electrical cutouts, notches and holes as needed and hit the “Go” button.  There’s no need for expensive specialized tools to complete a project let alone the frustration in using them.  It can now be as simple as calling JIT Companies for your next backsplash or tile project.

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Backsplash tile cutting DIY