water jet cutting stoneWhen a building contractor came to us with kind of an unusual request of waterjet cutting stone (although nothing really rates as unusual to us anymore), we said “sure”, “no problem”. His client wanted to build an outdoor fireplace that didn’t end up costing him his arm and his leg. But, he wanted it to look stylish and be functional. The contractor talked him into a wood burning fireplace insert with a wooden structure around it which would then be covered by Versetta Stone® which he purchased in 8” x 36” panels. Now, this particular contractor had worked with wood and some metal construction but was unfamiliar with and unequipped for dealing with anything resembling stone, let alone waterjet cutting stone. Typically, this faux stone would be cut on-site with the use of either a wet or dry masonry saw. Our contractor hadn’t either and had no desire to purchase one since this would probably be a one-off job. The only reason he was planning to undertake this particular job was that his customer had been a good customer for him and would probably be asking to have more jobs done in the future.

Waterjet Cutting Stone for a Building Contractor

fireplace before water jet cut stones appliedFrom CAD to Cut

Coordinating with us was easy! He had detailed CAD drawings which he emailed to us for a quote. (Note: We can take any type of CAD drawing and convert it into cut files for our waterjets). Quoting the project was easy since we already know how long it takes to cut through 1 ½” concrete (that’s what faux stone is made of) and we had the dimensions – 8” high x 36” long that the faux stone measured. After receiving our quote and thinking about how much time it would save him, and how much more he could accomplish in that time, it was a no-brainer for him to ask JIT to cut it!

… and Cut to Complete

Of course, it was getting to be crunch time, the weather was starting to turn cold and winter was on the way. He asked for a pretty short lead time and again we said “sure”, “no problem”. He delivered a pallet full of Versetta Stone® on a Monday fireplace before water jet cut stones appliedafternoon and we completed the cutting and repackaged it ready for pickup by Friday morning! Oh, by the way, all of those cut panels look kind of alike, but there were a lot of different lengths. We provided him with a numbered map showing where each part was to be placed and we numbered each part. Then, we stacked the parts on the pallet so that the bottom parts (that needed to be installed first) were on the top of the pallet and so on so that his project was completed as the final part came off of the pallet. Nice huh?

Whether you are doing something unusual like waterjet cutting stone, or something more standard, rest assured that we can help you bring it from an idea to reality on-time and above expectations. Contact JIT Companies today at 507-326-5240 or here on our website. Let’s talk about what’s possible!

water jet cutting stone fireplace