Clear Glass versus Low Iron Glass

In our world, we are often asked about Clear Glass versus Low Iron Glass. “What’s the difference and why should I care?”

clear glass next to low iron glass

Left – Laminated Low Iron Glass
Right – Laminated Clear Glass

Signage fabricators are seeing an increase in glass being specified in many of the projects they are involved with. Glass is a material they are not used to working with on a daily basis.  For JIT Companies’ part of the fabrication process, it doesn’t matter if Clear Glass or Low Iron Glass is used because both can be fabricated, polished, tempered, etched or laminated.

We Recommend Low Iron Glass when a color is applied to the second surface.

Where we do see signage fabricators get into trouble is when a color is applied to the second surface.  We will always point out that if a project requires color application of any kind to always use Low Iron Glass.  The reduced amount of iron used in the manufacturing process results in a water clear cast which is very noticeable when compared to regular Clear Glass when viewed from the edge.  There is nothing worse than paint filling white text on the back surface of regular clear glass only to be told after it is installed that it needs to be re-done because the color is off. Architects and designers can be persnickety when it comes to their vision and many of our sign fabricators thank us for making them aware of this potential money-losing headache.

Low Iron Glass Manufacturers

Low iron glass is manufactured under several trade names such as Starphire and Optiwhite.  If a manufacturer is specified, use that one because the material does vary slightly from each manufacturer. You can expect to pay a premium for the Low Iron Glass so it is important to ask questions regarding the glass type being specified when bidding projects.

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At JIT, we understand your glass project needs and have the ability to perform on all levels.  As an added benefit, you have a knowledgeable project partner that will always have your back. 

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