Custom Laminated Glass

JIT is a Full-Service Glass Fabricator

JIT has extensive knowledge of custom laminated glass and glazing techniques and the skill to use them inventively and cost-effectively to deliver your projects on time.

Proprietary processes and specialized equipment are used to create custom designs just for you. JIT Companies can even deliver your final project directly to your door damage-free since we have our own trucks! Ask us about how we can save you money on transportation costs.

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Some Laminated Glass Applications Include:

  • Laminated architectural glass
  • Decorative glass panels
  • Cabinet inserts
  • Impact-resistant safety glass
  • Fire-rated glass
  • Manufactured industrial parts

Features of Our Architectural Laminated Glass include:

  • Safety—the interlayer keeps the glass bonded even when broken
  • UV, water, & chemical-resistant
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Noise suppression
  • Cost-effective solar energy control & heat insulation
  • Scratch, fade & discoloration resistant
  • ANSI-Impact Compliant
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Custom laminated glass by JIT Companies



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