JIT Metal Finishing Now in New Location in Norwood Young America

JIT Companies Metal Finishing New locationJIT Companies, Inc. has grown this year with the acquisition of Midwest Metal Finishing in January. Due to the loyalty of our customers and increased business, we have outgrown our Brooklyn Park, MN location. JIT Metal Finishing is excited to announce our move to a larger facility in Norwood Young America, MN. This expanded facility will allow us to continue to offer the excellent service and metal finishing quality that you have come to expect from JIT Companies.  It will also provide the space to expand and upgrade our equipment to better serve the needs of our metal finishing customers across the country. As an added service, JIT Companies will work with each of our customers to help reduce inconveniences with the transport of materials and final orders. This includes both to and from JIT Companies at our Green Isle and our new Norwood Young America locations. Please contact us for more information.

JIT Companies Metal Finishing  – New Location

JIT Metal Finishing (Effective October 2, 2017)
701 Railroad St. W
Norwood Young America, MN 55368
Phone 952-777-0022
Metal Finishing Questions Email:
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm CST

JIT Waterjet and Glass Divisions will remain in Green Isle, MN

JIT Companies
240 Shamrock Drive
Green Isle, MN 55338
Phone 507-326-5240
Please remit all payments to: PO Box 241, Green Isle, MN  55338

Meeting all your Metal Finishing Needs

JIT Metal Finishing specializes in top quality straight-line finishes on aluminum, stainless steel, bronze alloys, brass alloys, sheet, plate, and shapes. Metal suppliers, fabricators, sign companies, food service equipment makers and other specialty manufacturers prefer our attention to detail and high internal standards which ensure consistent results on time and on budget. JIT’s custom metal finishing includes non-ferrous and architectural metal finishing. For over 35 years we have held the bar high for our craft. That same attention to detail continues using the technology and skill customers expect, now at our new Norwood Young America, MN location.

We appreciate your continued business with JIT Companies.  Thank you for working with us through this transition of our metal finishing department.  We are excited about what the future holds as we grow our business and expand our equipment and capabilities for our customers!  Contact us if you have questions or a quote on your metal finishing needs.

Tile Cutting for DIY’ers and Professional Tile Contractors

Backsplash tile cuttingWith all of the new materials that are being used for backsplashes and tile projects these days, homeowners can select from an endless array of affordable glass tile to suit their style and budget.  One thing that gets overlooked in the excitement of choosing a product is how difficult is it going to be to install.  For a typical do-it yourselfer, or even for a seasoned tile contractor, cutting glass tile for a simple backsplash can be a real challenge.

Challenges with Cutting Glass Tile

The difficulty is getting a precise chip-free edge, let alone having all of the joints line up during installation.  There’s nothing worse than looking at misaligned grout joints or poorly cut glass.  For this reason, many of our commercial contractors use JIT Companies for precutting all of the material ahead of time so it can quickly and seamlessly be installed.  This saves on wasted or damaged product, resulting in lower project costs and a more professional installation.

Backsplash tile cutting DIY


Precutting Glass Tile – How do we do it?

At JIT Companies, we use our many precision waterjets to precut the tile to perfection.  We simply take your supplied material and lay it out on the large cutting surface, making sure all of the material aligns perfectly.  From there, using your measured template, we program the cut path to include all electrical cutouts, notches and holes as needed and hit the “Go” button.  There’s no need for expensive specialized tools to complete a project let alone the frustration in using them.  It can now be as simple as calling JIT Companies for your next backsplash or tile project.

Contact JIT Companies at 507-326-5240 for a quote on your next tile project!

Backsplash tile cutting DIY

Exterior Waterjet Sculpture at Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center Exceeds Expectations

exterior water jet sculpture at museumSplit Rock Studios specializes in creating cultural and natural history exhibits for museums, interpretive centers, aquariums, zoos, political institutions. . . you name it – they’ve done it. And they never stopped enjoying it.

Challenge: The projects at Split Rock Studios are usually one-of-a-kind displays that are artistically designed and need architectural engineering for the installation.  The Key West Eco-Discovery Center project had its quirks… It was an exterior installation on an existing building so it would be exposed to an outdoor, ocean environment. A canopy covered sidewalk ran alongside the building. The display elements would have to be installed without removing the canopy supports for the sidewalk.

The final design included native fish, animals and plants, waterjet cut out of ½” aluminum. Each design element would be welded and powder coated. The largest element, a school of fish, was 48 feet long by 12 feet tall. The project included a somewhat long quoting process. However, once the project got underway the turn around had to be quick; approximately three to four weeks.

Waterjet Job Shop Requirements

  • Powder Coating: Because of the powder coating we needed waterjet cutting so the paint would stick to the cut edge. The heat of a laser alters the chemical make up of the metal and paint will not permanently adhere to the edge.
  • Large Size: Because of the large size of the elements we needed a waterjet cutter that had a large cutting surface.
  • Artistic Element: Because of the artistic element we needed a waterjet company that could use their waterjet as an artistic tool to achieve the quality that our customer expected.

exterior water jet sculpture at museumSolution: JIT Companies was referred to us as a waterjet job shop that specialized in one-off, more artistically challenging jobs. Their six foot by twelve foot Dynamic Waterjet® could accommodate the twelve-foot dimension of the largest element and their experience could accommodate how to cut the balance of the design on the longer dimension. We sent them a CAD file and they cleaned up the artwork to ensure smooth edges and sharp corners. JIT has more technology for dealing with artwork than the average waterjet job shop. JIT also engineered where to splice the elements to accommodate the installation around the canopy structure and the shipping of these large pieces to Florida. The job took four weeks to complete.

exterior waterjet sculpture at museumResult: The wall sculpture went together just as we planned. We were amazed at how incredibly easy it was to work with JIT Companies. We were impressed with their quality of work and their ability to understand the overall scope of the project, even to the extent that they could offer value-added engineering. JIT Companies has gained our confidence and we plan on continuing our relationship with them in the future.

For more information about JIT Companies waterjet cutting services, or JIT Companies’ other capabilities, please call us at 507-326-5240 or fill out this simple form.