Sign Letters and Logos for the Professional Sign Industry

Professional Sign Industry - metal finishingHave you ever looked in your toolbox and wish you had that special tool to get the job done but it was too expensive to own?  If you are in the Professional Sign Industry, your troubles can be over when you partner with JIT Companies.  Let’s face it, production CNC cutting equipment can be very pricy to own and at times it will not work for all of your projects due to cutting limitations.  You can now join the growing list of professional sign fabricators that trust their signcutting jobs to JIT Companies.  In today’s world, when time is of the essence and your current supplier cannot deliver, JIT Companies will step up to the plate and hit a home run for you every time… sometimes maybe only a triple, but at least you’re on a winning team.

Sign Letters and Logo Capabilities

Professional Sign Industry - water jet cuttingJIT Companies has very few limitations when it comes to waterjet cutting.  Any material, any thickness, and any size we can handle it all.  Threaded standoffs and mounting templates are standard issue and on large projects all similar letters are drilled the same so you don’t waste time with determining the correct letter location.

Need special shapes or sized blanks for your ADA Signage?  We can have them to you in record time and with our in house metal finishing capabilities, our metal artisans can apply a perfectly brushed finish to them.  Is glass specified in any of your projects?  Then you need to check out our custom glass fabricating capabilities.  Small glass panels for donor walls to custom laminated graphics of any size that will truly impress.

Contact JIT Companies

Next time you need to make a 911 emergency call, make sure it is to JIT Companies, Inc.  We’re here to make sure you get the help you need with your professional sign industry needs.Contact JIT today at 507-326-5240 or email us at Jen will make sure you have a pleasant experience with JIT.  It’s our guarantee to you.

In case you are wondering about that graphic aluminum panel, stay tuned for more information about our new Lifetime Warranty Hard Imaging Sign Process that we are developing.  This is going to be a “Game Changer” for graffiti proof signage!

Striking Precision: UltraVue® Laminated Glass Display Cases at the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center

UltraVue laminated Glass trophy cases at Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center

Trophy cases are constructed of cut and polished UltraVue® glass. © Kris Iverson, of Moon Shadow Glass

The University of Oregon has assembled a massive state-of-the-art showcase to promote student-athlete wellness and to honor one of its Oregon Ducks football alumni, Marcus Mariota. The Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center features an athletic wellness performance facility and an interior constructed of eye-catching glass displays, including a trophy lobby with Tru Vue® UltraVue® Laminated Glass display cases. Mariota was a quarterback for the Oregon Ducks from 2012-2014 and a 2014 Heisman Trophy winner. Today, Mariota is a 3rd year professional National Football League (NFL) quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center

The talented design team at SRG Partnership and Senior Designer, Walker Templeton, were the architects behind the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon. The breathtaking 30,000 square foot (2787 square meter) renovation includes a new athletic training facility worthy of professional NFL football players. Generous benefactors, such as Nike Co-Founder, Phil Knight, made the $19 million dollar project possible. The interior of the complex incorporates over 15,000 square feet (1394 square meters) of glass, but it’s not just ordinary glass. Glass lined corridors, entrance doors, and ceilings integrate printed murals and artwork which highlight Mariota’s college career at the University of Oregon. Some of the decorating techniques used in the project include photo realistic etching, direct printing using laminated glass, and paint filling of surface etched lettering.

Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center Laminated Glass Display Cases

Entrance to the breathtaking trophy lobby at the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center. © Kris Iverson, of Moon Shadow Glass

Trophy Cases Constructed from UltraVue® Laminated Glass

A major focal point of the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center is the trophy lobby which is a 135 foot (41 meter) long glass corridor that reaches 20 feet (6 meters) in height. All the prestigious trophies that Mariota was awarded during his football career at the University of Oregon are displayed in the center of this impressive corridor. Fabricated by B & L Wood Creations Inc. of Hillsboro, Oregon, each of the 8 cases measure 18” inches (46 centimeters) square and the height of the cases range from 12-40” inches (30–101 centimeters) tall. Decorative detail was used in every corner of the corridor, but the real artwork is encased in the Tru Vue® UltraVue® Laminated Glass display cases. UltraVue® Laminated Glass was the material of choice since it would severely cut down on unwanted reflections caused by the other non-coated glass and lighting used within the display area, creating the best artifacts viewing experience for guests.

Challenges with Glass Edge Bonding

A unique feature of the glass display cases includes an angled top which helps eliminate the look of a step effect when you enter the display corridor. This feature did however, present a potential problem with fabrication. Edge bonding laminated glass can be a challenge, even for the professionals. When edge bonding laminated glass is combined with some angles, it multiplies the challenge. Tolerances must be extreme to produce a clean bond with no voids. Any uncontrolled bonding agent would be detrimental to the finished look and could also damage the non-reflective coating on the laminated glass during the assembly process.

Laminated glass bonded corner

Close-up of the outside of the glass bonded corner.

Cut and Polished to Precision

Just like in football, precision in glass cutting is mandatory. It starts with the cutting and polishing of the glass. JIT Companies Inc. of Green Isle, Minnesota supplied the quarter inch (6.4 millimeter) UltraVue® Laminated Glass for this project. Using the clients’ information and requested dimensions for each case, JIT Companies programmed its computer-controlled high-pressure waterjets for cutting of the glass. This equipment is used due to its high precision and speed producing consistent parts in the process. The side panels of all the display cases also required a small fixture hole at the lower edge of the glass. This was to be used to secure the glass cases to the base fixture as a security measure for the artifacts. The cutting was followed by precision edge grinding and polishing that would bring the parts to the final required size, easing the assembly process.

Transparent Assembly of the Glass Cases

Laminated glass bonded corner, Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center

Close-up of the inside of the glass bonded corner.

The depth and weight of some of the larger units was the most challenging aspect of the assembly. After discussion and testing, it was determined that the best way to fasten the tops to the 4 sides, was to use acrylic 3M™ VHB™ Tape. JIT Companies provided the water clear (transparent) tape in custom sized lengths for application to the top edge of the cases. The glass top was put in place securing it with an ultra-clear invisible bond. This process ensured that there was no stray adhesive that would have made its way to the inside of the cube, making cleaning difficult, if not impossible.

The Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center is a visual glass masterpiece at every glance. This project shows how UltraVue® Laminated Glass and some creative ingenuity can be used to cut, polish, and construct even the most challenging glass display cases with striking precision.

This article was originally published on the Tru Vue website and can be found here. You can also view and download a PDF of the article here.

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JIT Companies Give you the “Edge” on Glass

Some of the glass terminology that we use at JIT will help you to determine the proper glass edge finish you should consider requesting. Glass Cut Edges serve several purposes depending on the application you are using it for.  Whether it is for strength, safety or cosmetic reasons, JIT Companies can provide you with the glass cut edge you need.

Clean Cut Edge - Glass Edging

Clean Cut Edge

Common Glass Cut Edges

CLEAN CUT EDGE is just that.  The process is simple as a glass cutter is used to score the surface of the glass to size or shape.  This scoring action produces a small fracture on the surface which creates a weak point for the break to follow the scoreline.  The resulting edge is very sharp and can easily cut unprotected hands.  This type of edge is also susceptible to “clam shelling” which is caused by the glass edge coming in contact with itself or another hard material.  From a process standpoint, clean cutting is usually followed by edge seaming.

Seamed Edge Glass

Seamed Edge

SEAMED EDGE is a process in which an abrasive diamond wet belt is used to slightly “Kill” both edges of a clean-cut piece of glass.  This produces a safe edge to handle with your bare hands and also helps increase the strength of the glass. During the scoring process, small micro-chips were created on the scored surface and each one of these chips is a weak point in the glass and could cause breakage if the glass were to be flexed during handling.  Edge seaming removes these “micro-chips” from the sharp edges of the glass which in turn reduces the defect rate.  At this point, the glass can be installed into suitable frame work without the need of additional processing.

Waterjet Edge Glass

Waterjet Edge

WATERJET EDGE is produced with our ultra-high pressure waterjet cutters using a fine abrasive that produces a smooth matte finish on any thickness of glass.  This process allows for extreme precision when tight tolerances are required in a finished part.  Depending on the final application, this is usually followed up with a polished edge.

FLAT EDGE (POLISHED or MATTE) finish is a process that utilizes high speed grinding and polishing wheels in a specialized machine that produces the ultimate edge finish to glass. The resulting edge can have a crystal clear or matte finish with arrised edges that produce the desired look when all of the edges will be visually exposed.  This also gives the glass its maximum strength in its annealed form because all of the edge imperfections have been removed from the previous processes.

Flat edge glass

Flat Edge

You now have a basic understanding of some of the common glass edge finishes JIT Companies can provide for your project: Clean Cut Edge, Seamed Edge, Waterjet Edge, and Flat Edge.  When you are ready to learn more about glass, contact JIT Companies for more detailed information by calling us at 507-326-5240.  You’ll be glad you did!

JIT Companies, Inc.  (Who we are and what we do)

We are often asked what we do at JIT Companies and sometimes that can be a complicated answer and confusing to clients that are just getting to know us.  There is over 30 years of history we could talk about but for now, I’ll keep it to this blog.  JIT has 3 divisions which are precision waterjet cutting, custom laminated glass and surface metal finishing.  I know, it seems like we are trying to be all things to all people and can’t make up our mind what we want to be when we grow up.  In reality, they all fit together rather nicely and we have established a special niche of services that can’t be found anywhere else under one roof.

glass cutting division JIT

JIT Waterjet Cutting Division

Let’s start with JIT Waterjet Cutting Division; if you are unfamiliar with waterjet cutting you really need to stop by for a visit.  The machinery has the ability to cut through any material, in any thickness with extreme precision.  This is why JIT has such a diverse customer base that we work with on a daily basis.  If we had to say what sets us apart from other waterjet companies, it would be our ability to process glass.  This is a material most others avoid because they are unfamiliar with it but more on that later.

JIT Glass Division

glass waterjet cutting

Our JIT Glass Division is where it really all started; it’s a long story but we have narrowed this down to specifically custom laminated glass.  This includes design elements that are laminated between glass ranging from organic fibers, prints, and decorative metals to name a few.  When dealing with laminated glass, the only way it can be further cut to special shapes after laminating is with waterjets…starting to get the connection?  Again, our laminating capability is very impressive with the equipment we have to work with so if you have a special request, chances are we can assist you with your project.

JIT Metal Finishing Division

metal finishing division

Our JIT Metal Finishing Division has expanded our capabilities with the acquisition of Midwest Metal Finishing this year.  In the world of straight-line metal finishing, JIT is one of the very few left in the business that have talented metal artisans that can produce a “True” straight- line finish in which most cases can only be done by hand. Many of our waterjet clients utilize our metal finishing as a one stop shop for their projects.  It’s amazing to see how often a client uses all of our services once they see the entire operation.  It provides them peace of mind knowing a single company can take care of all their needs.

So there you have it in a nutshell how things work at JIT Companies.  No matter what you need help with, just pick up the phone and call. A friendly, live person will greet you by the second ring and get you to the right person to assist you…Guaranteed! We also welcome you to contact us here on our website.

We look forward to having you join our family at JIT Companies, Inc.

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