Solving Fabrication Challenges for Art Installations

Creating public art pieces is often a beautifully complicated process. JIT Companies loves working with artists and using our revolutionary process of waterjet cutting, glass polishing, and laminating services to help them complete their intrequate projects for thousands to enjoy. Inevitably, we get great feedback from artists that helps us continue to refine our processes…. Read more »

JIT is the Clear Solution in Custom Sized Glass Lenses

Need new glass lenses? Your eye doctor is not the only place you can go to get your lenses replaced, especially when it’s not related to your eyeglasses. At JIT Companies, we specialize in making custom sized glass lenses for optical equipment, instrumentation gauges, viewing ports, light fixtures and a variety of other applications found… Read more »

Partnering with Artists to Create One-of-a-Kind Designs

At JIT Companies, we get the honor of working with so many talented artists and teams to help create one-of-a-kind projects for both public art installations and private art commissions.  From waterjet glass cutting and polishing, glass laminating, and so much more, JIT Companies is a partner you can count on to find solutions, helping artists… Read more »