Integrator Career EOS at JIT Companies, Green Isle MNJIT Companies has been working with materials and producing products at a superb quality level for companies worldwide since 1984. We are located in Green Isle, MN, and currently employ 10 people.  JIT believes as a company, what we believe as individuals. Integrity, hard work, honesty, and enthusiasm are marks of success (learn more about JIT’s core values here). Offering an environment where people enjoy coming to work and people find careers, not just another job. Working together with customers, blending their designs with our unique laminated glass and waterjet cutting services keeps our business growing. If you are looking for a career with a company that’s moving ahead, expanding its capabilities, and eager to reward those who fuel its success, then we need to hear from you.  You can also learn more about JIT Companies here or see what we have been up to recently on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Now Hiring!

Integrator: Full-Time

We are presently searching for our new “Integrator” to fill out our leadership team. If you are familiar
with EOS you will know what kind of role an Integrator serves. This person will be able to multi-task to ensure the train runs on time, making sure everyone is in the correct seats and holding those
accountable for when things get a little sideways. You will be tasked with evaluating our weekly score card to ensure all measurables are being achieved, oversee accounts payable/receivables, communicate with key vendors and oversee the day-to-day operations in a fast paced, ever changing environment. Weekly Level-10 leadership meetings will be conducted by our Integrator to IDS issues (Identify, discuss and solve) along with other members of the leadership team.

If you have experience with and are a believer in the EOS system and are looking for a career challenge, you may have found your next home. Imagine being able to tell the boss “Visionary” what to do, how it should be done, and when to do it. Sounds like a dream come true for someone! Warning, you will need to be the complete opposite of our visionary; being disciplined with time management, follow-through and laser focused on operations. Our Integrator acts as the overall EOS champion who will lead the team to prosperity and growth. They’re also responsible for getting and keeping the entire organization on board with running on EOS. This position is full time and would require an on-site presence to start. A 5-Star Integrator would be able to operate remotely once an understanding of the business operations has been mastered. Definitely some big shoes to fill – Are you up for it? To learn more about this opportunity, reach out to . You’ll be glad you did!

To Apply:

Get started with your application process by emailing your resume to Angie at  .