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Food Grade Rubber

Clients that come to us with their problems love our solutions. Today’s post is related to the custom cutting of rubber. Rubber is a very durable product that comes in differing densities, also referred to as Durometers. From soft spongy foam to rock hard rubber, these materials can be a challenge to cut, especially when precision and consistency are required. Throw in some fabric-reinforced material into the mix and well… good luck!

Making Custom Rubber Parts for your Needs

Put yourself in this real-life scenario. You’re a maintenance technician in a food manufacturing facility that is responsible for the operation of its 24-hour conveyor belt lines and it’s discovered that some of the rubber parts have unexpectedly deteriorated to the point of needing replacement. No big deal, until you discover the parts are not immediately available or worse yet, no longer produced. This is when you need JIT Companies on your speed dial, as we will always come to the rescue. Within a few hours we can have replacement parts made and on their way to you so you can be the “Hero of the Day”!

waterjet cutting Fabric Reinforced Rubber - JIT Companies

Fabric Reinforced Rubber

No Expensive Die Cutters Needed

Frequently these types of parts are produced using steel rule die cutters. This is the way to go if you have large volume requirements and the material is relatively easy to cut, but what if you require future part modifications? These dies can come at high costs, not to mention the long lead times required to produce them. The dies can only cut certain materials effectively and cutting thicker materials is next to impossible if precision and high tolerances are required.

Waterjet Cutting your Rubber Parts

A better option is to have JIT Companies use its precision waterjet technology to produce your rubber part needs. Our certified waterjet technicians will cut to your design requirements without you having to worry about the quality of the final parts. And if you screw up on the design of your parts (and it happens) we can have it fixed with a few simple key-strokes. We are all about precision and our waterjet technicians don’t care what you throw at them. Hard material or soft, thick or thin, adhesive-backed, and everything in between, let JIT Companies show you a better way for your custom rubber needs.

Misc. Rubber Components (Waterjet Cut) - JIT Companies

Misc. Rubber Components

Water-Only Waterjet Cutting your Rubber Parts

The video below shows ¾” High-Temperature Silicone being cut with “Water Only” which provides a very fine cutting kerf of .005”. This allows the material to be nested tightly together while saving on material costs. You can also view a video of a water-only water jet cutting a Hard Durometer Custom Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad.

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If you have an urgent need for custom rubber and foam parts or have questions that you would like to “bounce” off of us, contact us today at 507-326-5240 or email info@jitcompanies.com  for more information as to how we can help. You’ll be glad you did!