JIT’s Waterjet Cutting service specializes in precision waterjet cutting for custom glass fabrication, one-off prototyping, mechanical parts production, and custom architectural graphics. JIT takes pride in our reputation for the production of consistent quality parts, often with short lead-times. We welcome custom waterjet cutting projects that challenge us to raise the bar of excellence, working closely with industrial designers, architectural and graphic designers, specialty contractors, project managers, and manufacturers of custom precision parts in many different materials.

JIT’s Recent Waterjet Projects

water jet cutting stone fireplaceWaterjet Cutting Stone for a Unique Fireplace
When a building contractor came to us with kind of an unusual request of waterjet cutting stone (although nothing really rates as unusual to us anymore), we said “sure”, “no problem”. His client wanted to build an outdoor fireplace that didn’t end up costing him his arm and his leg. But, he wanted it to look stylish and be functional. The contractor talked him into a wood-burning fireplace insert with a wooden structure around it which would then be covered by Versetta Stone® which he purchased in 8” x 36” panels.

Giving you the “Edge” on Glass
Some common glass cut edges include clean-cut edge, seamed edge, flat edge, and waterjet edge. The waterjet edge is produced with our ultra-high pressure waterjet cutters using a fine abrasive that produces a smooth matte finish on any thickness of glass.

Exterior Waterjet Sculpture at Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center
The Key West Eco-Discovery Center project had its quirks… It was an exterior installation on an existing building so it would be exposed to an outdoor, ocean environment. A canopy covered sidewalk ran alongside the building. The display elements would have to be installed without removing the canopy supports for the sidewalk.

Waterjet Cutting Glass Tiles for Backsplashes
At JIT Companies, we use our many precision waterjets to precut the tiles to perfection.  We simply take your supplied material and lay it out on the large cutting surface, making sure all of the material aligns perfectly. From there, using your measured template, we program the cut path to include all electrical cutouts, notches and holes as needed and hit the “Go” button.

JIT’s Waterjet Resources

What can Waterjet Machines do?
Water-only waterjet cutting enables very precise and intricate cuts to be performed which lends itself well to certain applications.  For instance, inlaying custom designs or logos into materials such as carpeting would be very difficult for a carpet installer to do onsite.

What is Abrasive Waterjet Cutting?
Abrasive waterjet cutting enables the processing of virtually any difficult-to-cut material and has far fewer limitations as opposed to other types of CNC cutting. Material types include metal of any alloy, glass, plastics, and ceramics, to name a few.

Laser or Waterjet – Which is Better for my Project?
What cutting process would be best to use for your project – laser or waterjet?  When cutting metals, plastics, glass, and a multitude of other materials, you will need to consider the capability of the machine and company you choose to do business with.  When comparing plasma, laser and waterjet cutting processes you need to consider, other than initial costs, secondary operations that might be required after cutting.

JIT Waterjet Cutting Services Result In:

  • Backsplash tile cutting DIYImproved part tolerance and geometry
  • Cutting of parts up to 50% faster than conventional flat stock waterjet cutting machines
  • Virtually eliminates taper
  • True part stacking ability with consistent tolerance layer-to-layer
  • No secondary finishing
  • Unmatched versatility; cut any shape, out of almost any material, of any thickness
  • Precision cutting of custom inlaid designs for floors, walls, counters, and art elements
  • Cutting plastic laminates without delaminating
  • Effective material optimization, with parts nested to within .100 of an inch
  • Cutting of parts using virtually any CAD file or scanned drawings
  • Reduced part costs

To find out if laser or waterjet would be the best for your project, give JIT a call and we will be happy to assist you. Our Team at JIT knows waterjets inside and out. So whatever cutting process you might require, request a quote today or call us at 507-326-5240 to see how we can help you.  You’ll be glad you did!