Waterjet cutting is done at the highest level of precision by our Minnesota waterjet cutting company and we can cut a wide range of materials so that your unique designs can be realized in the way that you desire. The following are those materials:

Experienced Waterjet Specialists

Regardless of which material you need to have cut, our waterjet specialists will use our Flow Dynamic Waterjet equipment to make precise cuts. The equipment that we use eliminates many of the challenges that come with waterjet cutting. This helps us raise the bar of excellence. We work closely with architects, graphic designers, industrial designers, project managers, specialty contractors, and manufacturers of custom precision parts.

You can expect our waterjet cutting services to give you the following:

  • Waterjet cutting that is faster than conventional waterjet cutting
  • Lower part cost
  • The ability to cut parts using practically any scanned drawing or CAD file
  • Effective material optimization
  • Plastic laminate cutting without delamination
  • Custom cutting of inlaid designs for floors, walls, art elements, and counters
  • Unmatched versatility due to the ability to cut any shape out of any of the above materials at any thickness
  • No secondary finishes
  • True part stacking with consistent tolerance layer-to-layer
  • Taper elimination

The bottom line is that you get quality work at the lowest price and the highest level of precision. You should require nothing less, therefore, you should expect nothing less from JIT companies.

Contact A Minnesota Waterjet Cutting Company

Waterjet cutting involves cutting material through a high jet of water or water mixed with an abrasive substance. At JIT companies, we can cut through dozens of materials, creating beautiful designs according to your specifications. From custom glass fabrication to the production of mechanical parts and custom architectural graphics, we can do it all for you. Call us today at 507-326-5240 and ask us how we can help you.