Metal Finishing Services

JIT offers superior custom metal finishing services, & specializes in high quality “TRUE” straight-line finishes on aluminum, stainless steel, bronze & more!

Our people are quality metal finishing artisans in the areas of brushed aluminum finish and brushed stainless steel surface finishes. We are able to provide exceptional results to your material surface so it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a surface finish that asks to be touched.  Our quality metal finishing techniques vary depending on the type and profile of material we are asked to process.  The majority of our work utilizes a #4 Brushed finish, which may also be referred to as straightline finishing.

JIT is the high-quality metal finishing company that you’ve been looking for. Learn more about JIT’s metal finishing.

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JIT Will Finish Almost Any Material, Size, & Thickness.

We have very few limitations when it comes to our brushed aluminum finish and brushed stainless steel finish capabilities, whether it be part size, material thickness or configuration so your parts can be finished after fabrication to remove surface defects, scratches, welds and weld discoloration. JIT has a wide range of surface finishes available from an aggressive 40 grit to remove mill scale and deep imperfections increasing to a 400+ grit abrasive belts for a near polished finish. Three levels of 3M Scotch-Brite finishing are also available to achieve the desired finish specifications required for your project.

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JIT Metal Finishing specializes in high quality “TRUE” straight-line finishes on:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze and Brass Alloys
  • Sheet and Plate Stock
  • 3-Dimensional Shapes and Extrusion Profiles
  • Round, Square, Rectangle Tube and Bar Stock

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Download the PDF documents below for more information on our metal finishing services, finishing terms, and reference sheet.


What Our Customers Say

“Our company has done a few projects with them and its usually something that needs a very quick turn around. They have handled the timelines perfectly and have been very easy to deal with. We would recommend them without hesitation!”

  • Jeremy Hegle



“A very communicative team that responds quickly to order requests. Variety of manufacturing and pricing options, quick to respond to new design implementation.”

  • Tom Keen
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