Professional Sign Industry - metal finishingHave you ever looked in your toolbox and wish you had that special tool to get the job done but it was too expensive to own?  If you are in the Professional Sign Industry, your troubles can be over when you partner with JIT Companies.  Let’s face it, production CNC cutting equipment can be very pricy to own and at times it will not work for all of your projects due to cutting limitations.  You can now join the growing list of professional sign fabricators that trust their sign cutting jobs to JIT Companies.  In today’s world, when time is of the essence and your current supplier cannot deliver, JIT Companies will step up to the plate and hit a home run for you every time… sometimes maybe only a triple, but at least you’re on a winning team.

Sign Letters and Logo Capabilities

Professional Sign Industry - water jet cuttingJIT Companies has very few limitations when it comes to waterjet cutting.  Any material, any thickness, and any size we can handle it all.  Threaded standoffs and mounting templates are standard issues and on large projects, all similar letters are drilled the same so you don’t waste time with determining the correct letter location.

Need special shapes or sized blanks for your ADA Signage?  We can have them to you in record time and with our in-house metal finishing capabilities, our metal artisans can apply a perfectly brushed finish to them.  Is glass specified in any of your projects?  Then you need to check out our custom glass fabricating capabilities.  Small glass panels for donor walls to custom laminated graphics of any size that will truly impress.

Contact JIT Companies

Next time you need to make a 911 emergency call, make sure it is to JIT Companies, Inc.  We’re here to make sure you get the help you need with your professional sign industry needs. Contact JIT today at 507-326-5240 or email us at Jen will make sure you have a pleasant experience with JIT.  It’s our guarantee to you.