Waterjet Cutting Services

JIT offers high quality waterjet cutting services, & specializes in precision waterjet cutting services for custom glass fabrication, one-off prototyping, mechanical parts production, and custom architectural graphics.

JIT produces consistent quality parts, often with short lead-times. We welcome custom waterjet cutting projects that challenge us to raise the bar of excellence, working closely with industrial designers, architectural and graphic designers, specialty contractors, project managers, and manufacturers of custom precision parts in many different materials. JIT will give you the precision cutting your project needs to stand out from the rest.

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waterjet cutting services


JIT Waterjet Cutting Services Result In:

  • success iconImproved part tolerance and geometry
  • Cutting of parts up to 50% faster than conventional flat stock waterjet cutting machines
  • Virtually eliminates taper
  • True part stacking ability with consistent tolerance layer-to-layer
  • No secondary finishing
  • Unmatched versatility; cut any shape, out of almost any material, of any thickness
  • Precision cutting of custom inlaid designs for floors, walls, counters, and art elements
  • Cutting plastic laminates without delaminating
  • Effective material optimization, with parts nested to within .100 of an inch
  • Cutting of parts using virtually any CAD file or scanned drawings
  • Reduced part costs


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