People who are not familiar with JIT Companies always ask us “What do we do at JIT” and our answer is always going to be different.  A typical workday for some, (like doing the same thing over and over again), would be far from a typical day at JIT.  For us, it is all about the diversity of challenging projects that our customers task us with each day.  Here is a look at a “typical” day in our Waterjet Cutting, Glass Laminating, and Metal Finishing Departments:

JIT’s Waterjet Cutting Department

custom carpet inlays for rugs, made with waterjet cutting at JIT CompaniesLet’s start with the waterjet cutting department. Today you would see carts of precision parts being produced for an emergency order that needs to ship by days end. The next machine would be cutting sword blanks for a historical arms manufacturer, Arms and Armor (you can check out the video here). Need BIG letters for your big building? You’ll see them here today along with all kinds of other architectural letters, and logos being produced for signage contractors. A little further down the line, you will see custom carpet inlays being produced for Elementary Schools.  The carpet installers just love us for this custom carpet service. Over here it looks like repair parts for a food processing plant, and now we’re even cutting corrugated metal for an art installation(video). It’s always amazing to see these machines in operation and what they are able to cut.

JIT’s Glass Laminating Department

prototype windshields - waterjet cutting at JIT Companies in MinnesotaOver in the glass laminating department are proto-type windshields for some type of outdoor recreational vehicle being finished up. Here are some completed decorative laminated panels that our artist friend Allison Luedtke designed and will have installed at a nature preserve building. We do a lot of test laminating for special, one-of-a-kind projects. If you have a custom laminated glass project you need assistance with, congratulations, you just found a helpful friend at JIT.

JIT’s Metal Finishing Department

conveyor rollers, metal finishing and polishing at JIT Companies in MinnesotaLet’s see what’s happening in the metal finishing department…To start with, our newly installed TimeSaver® is making short work of finishing ½” x 2.5” stainless steel bar stock (video).  The 4-head wet belts can remove pitted mill scale and bring it to a #4 finish in a single pass. For our machine shop friends, they look to us to put the finishing touches on the precision parts they produce by removing tooling marks left by the CNC machining process. No matter the part size, type of material or configuration, our metal artisans can get you the finish you’re looking for. Here are a few examples of what is being worked on in our metal finishing department today. If your conveyor rollers need a good surface refurbishing, let us show you how fast it can be accomplished. If you are looking for a metal finishing partner (video) that you can depend on for exceptional service and provide consistent results, look no further.  You’ve found a friend at JIT Companies.  Have Questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email, you’ll be glad you did!

We welcome you to be part of our “typical day” at JIT Companies – You’ll be glad you did. Contact us online or call 507-326-5240 for immediate assistance with your waterjet cutting, glass laminating, or metal finishing projects.